Them Who Gained Financial Freedom: Sun Life's "It's Time" Awards

Since I started earning, I made it a goal to set aside savings for the rainy days. While I think I'm considerably successful in building a savings  fund, I know that keeping a portion of my income in the bank is just the first step in attaining financial freedom.

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the first ever It's Time Awards by Sun Life of Canada Philippines, one of the largest and most trusted insurers in the country. Learning about managing my finances and investing wisely is one thing, but meeting people who have successfully attained financial freedom is far more inspiring!

After over two months in search for model Filipinos who have encouragingly espoused the value of financial preparedness and successfully attained financial freedom, Sun Life Philippines has finally chosen and honored the winners of the very first “It’s Time” awards in a ceremony held recently at the Traders Hotel, Manila. The ‘It’s Time’ awards is a project of the Sun Life Foundation meant to continue its noble mission of empowering every Filipino to take action in their journey towards financial freedom.

The winners, selected from a roster of deserving nominees from across sectors of society, have proven their ability to beat the odds and succeed in providing a secure and stable future for their loved ones.

Sun Life endorsers Piolo Pascual, Del Rosario brothers of Team Azkals and Pia Magalona

LEFT: Copping the Family Icon award is Ms. Esparanza Yu, an OFW and single mom turned successful entrepreneur who was able to hurdle the responsibility of raising two daughters singlehandedly and later on becoming an established independent business woman who secured a brighter future for her children.

RIGHT: Receiving the Investment Savvy Star plum is Mr. Edmund Lao, a sales engineer by profession and a financial literacy advocate at heart. He educated himself with the different financial vehicles and applied what he has learned to make his money grow.

The Retirement Champion award was given to Mr. Romy Francisco who has remained disciplined in his approach to saving up for the future.

Winner of the Wealth Wonder award and who was unanimously voted as the Grand Prize winner is Mr. Juan Dayang, Jr. (represented by his parents)

But more than meeting his own personal goals, he was able to share his knowledge and personal experiences with OFWs in South Korea where he was assigned.
Recognizing exemplary people like the first set of It's Time awardees is part of Sun Life's mission to provide financial security to every Filipino family.
To know more about Sun Life's products and services, and start your own journey towards financial freedom, click HERE.

Many thanks to Ms. Tara Cabullo of Sun Life Digital Marketing for inviting us to witness this noble event. :)


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  1. Thank you for sharing such a noble event..this post remind us all that we really need to save and prepare for our future:)

  2. Hi SunnyToast! You're welcome, it's really nice to see the new generation are more sensitive and aware of the importance of preparing for the future. Let's start early. :)

  3. Hi Dang!
    Nice post... I like it

    Edmund Lao


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