Gratitude List: October Edition

Lost in Space. That's the perfect line to describe the last three weeks that transpired. You can find me in the office until 10pm; 8pm when I'm really lucky. The last three Saturdays were spent preparing for the following week's events. I lost track of TV shows, had to turn down several dinner dates with the Sweetie and my friends, flaked out on my Friday Night Club, all while borrowing strength from my cube mate Chris, who always tells me that weekends are only for the weak!

My plate was extraordinarily full, and with series of major events and simultaneous activities, things were bound to go wrong - and some eventually did. For the first time ever since I switched back to my old career, I felt really disappointed and low. I have this nasty habit of blaming myself even for things that are literally beyond my control, and I take this seriously. 

But the Big Man never ever fails. After a series of sleepless nights, physical and mental fatigue and disappointments one after the other, I was more than ready to break down and do a Mariah Carey (in short, cry). But it's really in hardships that one's character is built, and it didn't hurt to have some kickass bosses to guide pull you up.

At the end of the day, and after some shit that was necessary for balance, what's left are scars from a battle I'd like to think I've won. 

Therefore, it's a tradition to post a Gratitude List.

For being part of something SO BIG and SO BEAUTIFUL

Re-opened LV store in Greenbelt4

LV Manila Event 2011

LV Event is the perfect excuse to shop for that little black dress!


    L'Oreal Paris VIP Lounge Opening and Media Launch at Philippine Fashion Week 2012 with Runway Productions Director Joey Espino

L'Oreal Paris Ambassadress and hottest OTHER WOMAN, Anne Curtis
WOW. No other words to describe the award winning designer Michael Cinco's show that ended with showering hunks and nymph! That's really HOT!

For the chance to see Black Eyed Peas perform live 

Before everyone went crazy over Black Eyed Peas!
My concert buddies Rio, Janette & Labski
Photo VIA

For a VIP treatment at House of Obagi, which started the long freakin' weekend!

I got the new Hydra Facial which intends to hydrate facial cells to reduce lines and make skin plump and glowing! I loved it so much and so it deserves a solo post. :)

For having a beautiful addition in the family

Kael is my newest niece from cousins Aljon Jimenez and Manilyn Reynes. Guapo!

For a day of peace and quiet in the province

Driving in NLEX with a view of green fields and blue skies. It's nice to be away from the city!

For meeting people I admire, respect and adore. They make me proud to be in the Communications & PR industry!

K, J and I

I'm not easily impressed nor intimidated, but meeting J is another case on its own. She is aggressive, assertive and brilliant, and I learn something new from her everyday. She's a gold mine. I've always considered myself assertive, but I'm like an awkward cub compared to this lioness! People like her drive me insanely focused on my goals. It's in God's perfect plan for me to meet her, and every conversation is a lecture I'll never get in school. 

(After a major glitch during an event)

Me: *super depressed*

J: I'm surprised how this has happened, I've known you to be super OC, Dang. I'm quite disappointed.

Me: Sorry, it won't happen again.

J: I'm sure it won't, I'm actually glad you made a mistake and you made it this early. There's no way to really learn but through the actual experience and committing mistakes. Mas masakit, mas hindi mo malilimutan. (the more painful it is, the more you won't forget) That will make you better. 

But, I'm excited for your new role, this is where the real battle begins.

Damn, you tricked me, boss! :) But thank you, heavens for the great news! :)

Anything you're grateful for today? I hope you can also share and spread the positivity around! 

From the Nook,


  1. Madamiiii! :D Game na yung Friday ha? Yhel said yes na. Weeeeeeeee!

  2. I love these gratitude posts, I love all the positiveness. :) Good to know October brought you a lot of things to be grateful for. :)

    Wow, Manilyn! Manilyn fan kaya ako! :)

    I hope the last two months of 2011 bring you even greater stuff! Let's see each other before the year ends naman.

  3. Hi Dea! Yup, positivity is the way to go! :) Thank you, I pray for great things for you as well. I know 2011 is very special for you & Abet.

    Manilyn is Cebuana kasi diba? Super cute baby nila grabe. It's kuya Aljon who's my first cousin.

    I'm game for meetup! :)


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