What I Think About Makeup and My Thursday FOTD

Makeup is not JUST makeup. It's more than pigments and textures and wearability. It's an art. I'm amazed on how makeup makes women look and feel more beautiful, and I've seen how it has evolved so much in the past years that I have learned to respect its power and balance its use in my life. It's a tool in my everyday arsenal that helps me hide battle scars and up my confidence just before a heart pounding event.

I'm right brained who thinks with words, pictures, sounds and colors and hates to use lined notebooks because I feel jaded and limited. I express myself in the way I speak (if you're my friend, you know how vivid I tell my stories - hello Team E!), the way I dress up, how I keep my hair long for the longest time, and yes - how I wear makeup. 

I'm in an industry where looking good is a must. My former boss in Public Affairs and PR told me that when you're in PA and dealing with different stakeholders (from grassroots to the most powerful people/government in the country), you can never be just smart or just beautiful. You have to be both - substantial and presentable. I keep that thought in my pocket every single day.

Being presentable is not measured with the amount of makeup you put on, but with how one carries herself, and expresses her thoughts in all ways possible. In my case, I use makeup to paint my moods and project my energy. If I need to be powerful and sexy, there's my red lipstick. If I need to deal with children of art, there's my golden yellow and blue eye shadows. If I'll be on my feet the whole day, I'm friends with neutrals and earth tones. There are days when I don't have the juice to put anything on, and I feel perfectly fine with it. 

Today, I want to be perky but serious. So I go for rimmed eyes and magnetic coral lips.


Products used:
Maybelline mineral makeup foundation 
Ever Bilena Eyebrow pencil in brown 
Avon True Color ES Quad 
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara in brown 
MAC Well-dressed blush 
Nivea Guava lipcare
L'Oreal Paris Magnetic Coral Lipstick

Wearing makeup need not be a daunting task that takes so much of your time and leave you feeling lacking without it, it's actually good when you see it as an enjoyable expression of yourself.

Honestly, I can't think of any other way of doing it. :)

From the Nook,


  1. aww love this post! I love it that you have a Mantra to live by! :) Sis, I can totally see you telling your story!!! ang cute mo lang!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Nikki! And yes, I have so much energy I have to act out my stories. LOL. Have a fun weekend! ;) MUAH!


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