BB Creams are just for the Fair Ladies? BSKIN BB Cream Says Of Course Not!

"Woah, it mimics my skin color!" Those were the words which automatically came out of my lips the first time I used BSKIN BB Cream.

I was introduced to this brand by a good friend of mine from HDI, one of the first direct marketing companies established in Philippines and Hongkong in 1989. 

An intimate dinner was arranged for five chosen beauty and lifestyle bloggers to have a first hand on the much anticipated blemish balm.

Me, Martha of Beauty Junkee, Shen of Shen's Addiction, Michelle of Mrs. Martinez's Raves and Rants and Rowena of Animetric's World with Elaine Gallardo, Marketing Manager of HDI Network.

 Just like most BB Creams, BSKIN is aimed to help conceal and heal blemishes and skin imperfections while protecting the skin as it boasts of SPF 37/PA +++. But what makes it a cut above the rest is its ability to adapt to any skin color (and I mean even morena girls!) as soon as you apply/rub it on your skin. White cast and having a paler face than the rest of the body are common concerns among BB Cream users and BSKIN promises to solve this problem.

I was skeptical as first and so we asked Martha to try it since she's the most morena among the group. To the group's surprise, it did match Martha's golden tone! Michelle captured it on video, on the spot, no camera or lighting tricks. 

Credits to Michelle Cu Martinez of Mrs. Martinez's Raves and Rants

BSKIN BB Cream is colored white but can adapt to any skin tone, even the darker ones, because of the unique Microcap Technology. This releases 95-97% of the active ingredients after smooth rubbing action. The micro-caps will remain intact until application on targeted areas. Now that tells me that this product is backed up by Science and a lot of research.

According to HDI, they opted to let go of a box packaging for cost efficiency and affordability to more Filipinas.

BSKIN starts out white then mimics your skin color as you rub it on your skin.

A closer look on how it changes color to match your skin tone

Before applying BSKIN BB Cream: Red blotches and dark acne marks

After applying BSKIN BB Cream: More even skin tone, and less obvious dark marks

If you're like me who's not into heavy foundation everyday, then BSKIN BB Cream is an ideal alternative. It has light to medium coverage which is perfect for normal days. I let it set for a few minutes, then dust some pressed powder or mineral veil to seal it in and mattify my skin. Best of all, I get other benefits from a blemish balm like firmer skin, reduced lines and wrinkles and UV protection. 
Other natural healing ingredients inside BSKIN BB Cream include Green Tea Extract, Royal Jelly, Arbutin, Jojoba, Allantoin and Vitamin E.

My only concern with this product, which I know many of you are also aware of, is that BB Cream tends to make the skin oily. To start out, I already have super oily skin, and so I usually use BB Creams on colder days and when I'm sure to be indoors all day. If only I have dry, matte skin, then BSKIN BB Cream would be my best friend! So in case you're an oil mine like me, then make sure to set it with powder and have blotters handy.

30ml tube only costs Php 780, and goes a really long way. If you have darker skin, then this baby is your best bet among BB Creams in the market. 

For orders or inquiries, you may call HDI Network at 635-2431 (office hours and weekdays only), or you may order through me. Just leave a comment or email me at and I will gladly connect you to my friend over at HDI. :)

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Have a great skin in 2012! :) 

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