CALL FOR HELP: Thousands Left Homeless in Negros Oriental

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I was supposed to post about a BB cream I recently tested but opted to give way to call for help instead. Filipino hearts are in pain over the recent tragedy that struck Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro. This feels so much like Ondoy, or even worse. I'm safe and sound in a hotel, detached from the news when everything happened. My house was not affected either, unlike before that to my horror, our ground floor was submerged in thigh-deep murky water.

Companies, NGOs and government agencies are pooling energy, time and resources to reach our brothers and sisters in Mindanao, but let us not forget that Negros Oriental was also badly affected, the coastal city of Dumaguete in particular. I did an event in Dumaguete City in early December, and I fell in love not only with the natural charm and prosperity of the place, but the gentleness and kindness of the Dumaguete├▒os. I'm so in love that I'm supposed to book a flight for February 'til this happened. While we shared our resources to CDO and Iligan, I hope we can also funnel a little for our brothers and sisters in Negros Oriental. 

Sharing this video that documented the flash flood in Dumaguete City.


I'm personally pooling donations from my colleagues, friends and family that I will send to our contact person from Silliman University, Mr. Mark Raygan Garcia of the Office of Information & Publication. I've worked with Silliman and so I'm assured that our donation will reach the right people and places. Thousands of families lost their homes and are currently staying in evacuation centers and in immediate need of food, clothing, toiletries and medicines. Cash is preferred as it will no longer entail shipping costs (LBC and Air21 sends donations only to CDO and Iligan for free). Please click HERE for a full list of ways to donate.

I know that many of us have already sent relief goods and money to CDO and Iligan (bless you!), but if you still have some left, I hope you can also extend help to Negros Oriental. Please contact me how at I plan to send the money by Friday, December 23. Any amount will do and I'll make sure to email you the copy of the deposit slip afterwards.

Thank you and may you all be blessed this Christmas and always! 

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  1. such a tragedy.i'm family was right in the center of it but thankfully they are all alive.deeply crushed and saddened for the people who lost their lives and to the ones who have been displaced as a result of this catastrophy.doing our best to help out and i hope everyone does would be mean the world to the people in my hometown x


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