My Best Christmas Party Eveeeer!

I'm used to traditional Christmas parties from my past corporate life. Traditional meaning 5-star hotel ballrooms, assigned tables, employee presentations, celebrity guests, and the only thing I miss from the list, unbelievably opulent raffle prizes. (I'm talking about cars, out of the country vacations and top of the line gadgets here)

But people (Filipino staff) from where I'm from hesitated to wear costumes, and so year by year, it's been the expat workers who win the best in costume pot. Such a shame. It would be nice to see Filipinos let their guards down and just have fun. Dressing up is so liberating, right?

So since I jumped back to my old world, I never ran low of reasons to dress up. My job requires me to attend media events and other social gatherings, but the best parties so far are internal ones. It was a long list of Christmas party themes we chose from, but it is just right for our party to be inspired by one of the biggest and most successful events we handled this year: Cirque Du Soleil

We decided to let go of the dragging employee presentations or formal sit down affair and chose to be entertained instead. After all, 2011 is such a damn tiring but fruitful year for us and that explains why agency people are too hot to unwind, let loose, and end the year with a loud, drunk bang!

                                                    The performers

Apparently, she's so famous na pala! ;p

Watch her performance in one of the local talent shows. So creepy! 
And here are some of my most favorite people in the world in their Circus inspired costumes. :)

Me, Sexy Clown Carry and Madhatter Karen
Bellydancer Naissa, Lioness Pia, Magician Nina and grand-prize winner Kat
Elegant black girls Tin and Aileen, Madam Jelly and Creepy Clown LJ
Super Cutie Tina, Tin Soldier Amiel and Playboy Bunny Jill
My wicked mother Karen
Time to take off your heels and dance like walang pasok the following day, kahit meron! meron! merooon! LOL.

OOTN: Tiketera?

I was also tasked to host the party but my partner, Amiel, is a professional host and theater actor, ka-pressure naman! LOL.

Makeup peg for the night

I obviously had so much fun! In fact, I haven't jumped and screamed on the dance floor this much in ages. I also stood near the door for a good 10 minutes, feeling cute and silly in my costume, and just watched people dressed even crazier come in. I just had to exclaim, hey f*ck, I really belong here! :)

Merry Christmas to my dear readers, and I hope you enjoyed your parties as much as I did. 

*But while doing that, let us not forget to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters affected by Typhoon Sendong. LBC accepts donations which they will ship to Iligan and Cagayan de Oro for free. Kudos, LBC! 

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  1. WINNER! Looks such a fun party! Si Mark anong costume? :)

  2. Grr, Marky didn't dress up. I think he had work pa that morning (excuses!). Super fun, never screamed that much on the dancefloor :D

  3. BAKLAAAAAAAAA... Amazing, I didn't know you have been maintaining your blog pa. Buti ka pa. Huhuhu. Follow me at thejellyfactory para magka 6 friends naman ako. Hahaha.

  4. @ Jelly: Heeeyyy! Bading ka din! Haha. Never stopped blogging naman, though I really can't commit to anything more than twice a week (if I'm lucky!). ;) But blogging keeps me sane, so ayan. I hate you for not telling me that you're blogging pala! Should have followed you earlier. :) Pasok kana, we miss having a senyora around!


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