The Good Life:

It's the gift giving season once again, but unlike the previous Christmas when I started planning and shopping as early as August, I was swamped with work this year and just realized I'm running late with my list when I flipped my desk calendar and surprise, it's already December! 

This is the perfect time to get help from online shopping, and group buying sites are everywhere offering great deals left and right. The problem is, I want my Christmas gifts to be extra special, and I can't seem to find the nicest items I want for select people like my mom and lola. The offerings are usually from new establishments that are relatively unknown, or too much people are buying that getting a slot at a convenient time is next to impossible (I have some vouchers that actually expired!). With a lot of horror stories left and right, I'm not risking my holiday treats for the best people in my life. 

Kudos to people behind the Dealuxuries, the newest and out of the box buying site. It's an ultra exclusive online shopping club where members are offered only the finest, most luxurious items and experiences. Dealuxuries promise not only good meals or discounted getaways but a total first class experience for people with an appetite for the good life. 

Since Christmas is the best time to give back and pay forward for the year's blessings, why not shop for something extra special for your loved ones? Or simply reward yourself for working hard, all while still getting great deals from your trusted brands. 

Your ticket to first class is coming in exactly 10 days, and so I suggest your keep this LINK in your favorites tab and like their FB page to keep you in the exclusive loop. I personally can't wait! :)

To start off my first class experiences with Dealuxuries, I together with other bloggers were treated like royalties at Creations by Lourd Ramos.  My good friend and beauty blogger, Shen, has been a loyal customer of Lourd, and now I know why!

First, Lourd himself is very accommodating and warm to his clients, not to mention that he has an army of talented staff. Second, the Davines Hair Spa treatment is the best 20-minute hair treatment you can get. I'm really conscious with my time and so I was really stoked on the idea of getting fab hair in half an hour! I'm sure to go back to "mama" Lourd! :)

With my stylist, Erickson
With Lourd Ramos himself
With Ericka and Ash of Dealuxuries
pretty Kira and bubbly Liz

Now, isn't shopping first class (and on discount!) sounds fun?

How are you doing with your Christmas list? It's my favorite season, and so I hope you're having a blast as well! :) 

From the Nook,