My Christmas List Would Have Been This

I know, it's too late to make a wish list when Christmas is just five days away, but I'll make one anyway.

This is the season when everyone is occupied and all thoroughfares are packed regardless of the hour. My colleague told me it took her an hour to get a cab from Makati to Quezon City and I candidly answered it's normal before she shrieked that it happened at the dead hour of 2:30 AM.  But I'm not one to complain about anything at all, Christmas is my favorite season and I don't intend to bloat my ego when I tell you that I blow my bonus and part of my savings in buying gifts for other people, that I actually forget to think about what I want for myself. 

I've been an independent head for the past six years, and have not received any financial support or lavish gifts whatsoever from my parents that whenever I want something, it's a given that I have to get it for myself. It's not something to brag about but I'm not comfortable receiving expensive gifts from whoever, not even my boyfriend. If it's more that ten grand, I feel shy and awkward about it that I automatically want to say no. If it's not pride, and I'm quite sure it's not, then I don't know how else to call it. Mahiyain? 

In the several occasions that I have to write a wish list for the traditional monito-monita with my colleagues, cousins and friends, I find myself wanting the simplest things and often unable to finish the required number of wish that is three that I usually end up asking my mom or my Sweetie what they want so they can just have what I'll get. True story. 

I'd like to believe that at my age, I still happen to like material things but gain inspiration and happiness from the comfort and love of people around me.

So here's the wish list that can make this cheapo girl really happy!

1. Paperback collection of Harry Potter  

I was able to finish the HP series from lend outs back in HS. It will be great to have the complete set in my shelf as this is one of the first books I actually finished in 48 hours.

2. Hot Pink of Moss Green Water Bottle (2 Liters)

I cannot reiterate further the importance of keeping yourself hydrated. It can do wonders for your skin and  overall health and the best way to ensure that you're getting enough is to have 2 liters of water on your table everyday. Drink up!

KOR ONE water bottles will be a nice option. Image VIA.

3. Black & Decker Sandwich Maker

Grilled cheese sandwich is perfect to go with my favorite cup of coffee. This will come handy during the Sunday afternoon sessions with mama.

4. Book, Books, and More Books 

I want to expand my book collection and make sure that my nieces, nephews and future children will not ran out of choice; never mind that I have books in every nook and corner of my itsy, bitsy, tiny room.





5. Laptop Bag in Faux Croc or Zebra Print

I have to admit that I'm an old soul and house my laptop in the fugly, black, generic bag that came along with the purchase. It's about time to "brand" my baby with my signature choice of red and/or organic prints.



 6. Cross Trainers

My white Dunlop running shoes I bought from KL four years ago finally gave up. I'm thinking of getting a Cross Trainers instead of Running Shoes so that it can be used for a variety of activities but when I visited the Nike website to canvass for my next pair, I got interested with their finding the right shoes test and here are their recommendations for someone who has a low arch and overpronation stride.

Hmm, not exactly the style and color I wanted, but health and safety comes first. My colleague broke her foot last week (albeit from barefoot dancing, don't ask me how LOL) and I personally brought her to Makati Med and witnessed how serious it can be. She now has fiber cement on her foot and will probably need pinning and will be immobile for six weeks! Six freakin' weeks! How sad especially for the Christmas break. 

Another option is this cute, orange shoes from Adidas Climacool Ride Shoes Collection, but I have to check if it fits my foot profile. I recommend you also take the test online or ask assistance from store personnel to find the best shoes for you.

I honestly can't think of anything else as of the moment. I'm not really sold with the idea of a wish list anyway because it's always more exciting to open gifts when you're clueless. For me, asking for what you like kills the thrill, but oh well, better than getting a sick gift of photo album or a set of hanky! LOL. And then again, I'll probably have to dent my wallet and buy these things myself or divert my resources to buy more gifts to my countless relatives, family and friends that I love so much. In that sense, I'm truly rich and so it's really fine not to complete my wish list anymore. :)

Have a Blessed, Merry Christmas, loves!

From the Nook, 


  1. LOVE The Elements of Style! It's my staple grad gift to everyone who's in dire need of a good prep before going into the corporate jungle. Have you read The Elements of F*cking Style: A Helpful Parody? It's hilarious! I'll get a paperback copy before Q1 ends. :)

  2. I think it's still the best! :) I haven't read the Parody, just got home from Power Books, sayang. Tell me when you get your copy na. :) Happy 2012 Fowebe! Muah!


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