New Year, New Look

For my blog that is. Finally. 

After two years of loving my old template, being too-busy-to-figure-this-out, or just plain tamad, I finally had some sense in me to change it. What better time to do it than the start of the year when we all ought to feel brand new! Thank God for the super friendly blogger interface. I'm no techy girl after all. 

So cheers to a colorful, crisp and clean template with wider body and fewer clutter on the side. I hope it's this easy to fix real life's mess, but who knows, this can be a good way to practice. Keep your deeds clean, add more color to your life, manage your time and space, and discard things that can weigh you down. Makes perfect sense. :) 


Cheers to 2012!

To add to this "feeling new" syndrome, I finally gave in to pressure and plea from my boss and is now officially on BBM. When Phoebe tweeted "welcome to the dark side", I knew instantly that this is going to be fun! Talking to my relatives and friends, especially abroad, has never been this convenient. I guess my laptop and broadband can take a rest for a while.

Via WeHeartIt

Don't forget to like Blackberry Pilipinas Facebook Page, so you won't be left out with all the hip things and events from Research in Motion and BB.

BBM takes PINoys by storm!

From the Nook, 


  1. wow!
    love the look!
    so perky & bright

    what a way to start your 2012 blogging year!

  2. Hi Thia & Martha! Thank you so much, and cheers to a more wonderful 2012 for all of us! Hugs!


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