POWERDRESSING: You Want the Part? Then Dress the Part!

Are you like me who works best when dressed best? Do you also feel mighty and undefiable when you put on your power dress or perfect pumps? Do you feel naked not wearing your classic pearl earrings? Then we have a lot to talk about!

I work in a very relaxed environment, where my attire will only depend on my schedule. I can wear trendy clothes on normal days, LBDs during night events and suit pants during client meetings. This works perfectly for me since I can be in my sexy denim jeans and Chucks one day, and in my pencil cut suit skirt the next. Couldn't be happier!

Anyways, I'll stop getting excited and on to our discussion. :)
Power dressing refers to the style of clothing, accessories, hair and even makeup, that is intended to make the wearer look competent and more authoritative. Power dressing exudes confidence and assertiveness, particularly in the workplace. Power dressing came into play in the 80’s where it generally meant use of expensive clothes with sharp, hard lines, and unlike other fashion trends, this concept did not change much. Instead, the usual black, gray and pearls are now accompanied by new options like colorful leather blazers, classy bags and and gorgeous scarves. Although there are numerous options nowadays, we still need to be careful not to confuse corporate attires and business casuals with our usual rotation of party clothes. Here are some accepted guides in power dressing at work:

Mrs. Beckham sure knows a thing obout power dressing!

1. ALL ABOUT SUITS: Suits play an important part in every corporate setting. This is what the bosses wear when there are major pitches, presentations, executive meetings or every time money and business is on the line. Suits display the charisma, the class, the power needed to make a maximum impact on every person in the room. Slimmer cuts, straighter lines, lighter fabrics are in these days. Solid dark colors like black, grey and navy blue or pinstriped suits are still best. Needless to say,  you have to invest in some good pairs. In my opinion, a suit skirt brings the lioness in every girl!

2. SHOES: Shoes with 1- to 3-inch heels are appropriate, should be polished and in good condition. Steer away from sandals, and invest more on closed toe and heel pumps. 

3. HAIR: Hair should be neat and natural looking. Dyed hair are fine (I always have red/copper/brown hair!). Unnatural looking hair are not, and I'm talking about pink, peach, yellow, you get the drift. 

4. NAILS: Well-groomed, short or mid-length, and single-color painted nails as well as french manicures are acceptable.

5. ACCESSORIES: Trendy or classy jewelries are good, as long as kept at minimum. Pearls still dominate the corporate world. And sorry, but nose, tongue and eyebrow piercing will never make the cut. 

6. MAKE-UP: Office makeup should never be wild or too bold. Earth colors are preferred, and natural look is favored. Be careful with shimmers, too. Of course we want to look beautiful, but too much make-up in the workplace may send wrong signals to your boss or workmates.

These are just basic things to remember, and generally applies to very conservative office settings. (Trust me, I've been there). It's important to observe your own work environment and make a good judgment on what's appropriate and acceptable. The Company Movers (bosses) can be a good template. Too bad for me because my own template has a truly rich taste, that I can only hope to afford her shoe brands! LOL. One day! 

Every office can be different, and we also don't like the rules to keep us from expressing our individuality right? So it's up to us to find the perfect balance.

As the old saying goes, “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.”

Happy power dressing! :)

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