Get Prettified by LOURD RAMOS!

With inflation rising, too much bills to pay and endless grown-up problems, how often do you really, reaaalllly, pamper yourself? When I said reaaallly, I'm talking about quality service from well-respected salons and beauty experts. One like Creations by Lourd Ramos.

Folks from Creations are helping us kick-start 2012 with a head-to-toe makeover, and their mechanics is so simple, I have a funny feeling these generous guys really just wanted you to take a photo of your beautiful self for the world to see! (Oh how I love vanity shots!) So read on, join the contest and celebrate and reveal your true beauty! 

And oops, don't forget to join their FANPAGE, they will be giving away Davines Gift Certificates to random fans every week. 

As if that's not enough, they also have a really good deal (good deals aren't so common these days!) at Cash Cash Pinoy! If you're a hair color junkie like me, click HERE. :)

It's middle of the week, I'm overwhelmed with work and new, ultra-ambitious assignments, but I'm not turning my back to God's blessings. Kaya ko 'to! Have a blessed Wednesday, my dear readers! Passing on my positivity through wi-fi, or however! :)

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  1. Tweenie, I would love to join if malapit lang ako hihihi



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