Gratitude List: An Ode to Girlfriends and Lifelong Friendships

If there's one aspect of life where I really got lucky, that would be finding the right set of girlfriends. Right, meaning people who are true to you and to themselves. Right, meaning give it a hundred years apart and you'll still hug and talk to each other as if you're together the previous day. Right, meaning sharing your innermost thoughts and secrets is nothing out of the usual. Right, meaning you still get into cat fights with each other, and snob each other for weeks then just laugh about it after. Right, meaning time and physical presence are just  icing on the cake - you feel their warmth within you. And right, meaning no matter how bad I screw up in life, I can dial a number, and someone will pick me up from the dump and won't even try to interrogate.

For a young woman like me, having not just one, but seven best girlfriends, is as good as having all the gems in the world. I'd like the world to meet my Gamma girls. :)

Circa Kadiri!!! :)

Circa 2006 at Munting Buhangin Beach, Batangas
Circa 2009 at View Park Hotel, Tagaytay City

Circa 2011 at Bellevue Hotel, Alabang
We decided to have an extra special Christmas Party since our sister Chai (second from left) went home from Australia to join us. :)

Crush ng Bayan. Certified Public Accountant. Pink Addict.

With her beauty and brains, no wonder she's the Beauty Queen of the group. Despite this, Yhel is very humble and down to earth, and most of all, this girl is super duper sweet! As in sakit sa ngipin (toothache) sweet! We used to join modeling gigs back in High School. Yes, payat pako nun! :)

Funny Meter: She thinks that cute polka dots bags and pink ribbons suits her, feeling petite! :)

Ms. Positivity. First Class Banker. Most Number of Dimples Title Holder. 

I've known Chai since first grade, our dads worked in the same company, and we used to live in the same street. We're practically friends for two decades! She's the cheerful lady of the group, never bragged about what she has or achieved, and one of the most sincere  and happy person I know. I personally admire her energy and spirit. She was the Captain Ball of the Volleyball Varsity Team, too. In short, beware of her spikes.

Funny Meter: She's so full of positivity to the point of thinking that dirty old men only want her friendship!! 

Gamma's Official Photographer. Digital Artist & I.T. Specialist. Hip Hop Queen
Karen is my High School Best Friend. This girl is so energetic, you'll find a hard time booking a date with her. She's very active in serving the church, doing photography gigs and is always hungry to learn new things. One of the most creative people I know, and a talented dancer, too!

Funny Meter: She thinks car dashboards can electrocute her to death!

Ms. Organized. Interior Designer. Super Romantic Girl.

She's my best buddy in first grade. She's a very talented interior designer, and we all commissioned her to build our future dream houses, for free. LOL. If your place and life is a mess, Cath is the perfect person to bug. She'll help you tidy up your room, declutter your things, arrange your computer files and listen to your life stories, raves and rants too. She's the best friend any girl or boy would love to have!

Funny Meter: Cath and her boyfriend, H, kept their feelings for each other for at least 12 years!!! Kaloka! (crazy)

Prim & Proper. I.T. Boss. Sleepyhead.
Among us, Libay is the only one who's soft spoken. She's very mahinhin and full of grace. A hardworking girl who has a serious love affair with her bed and pillows. When you want some goodness, peace and quiet, I can give you her address. 
PS: She has a doppleganger by the name of Angelu de Leon! :)

Funny Meter: She throws tantrums when not able to get a power nap during lunch breaks. 

Mommy. Banking Manager. Madam Bola Wannabe
She's the first one to get married and have babies (2 beautiful girls!) among the group. She married her High School sweetheart, who also happened to be my classmate and good pal. A dedicated wife and mom, you'll have no clue that she used to the group's Bratinella. Tethas also has this weird beliefs with anything superstitious.

Funny Meter: She decides on most things based on the stars, zodiac signs and feng shui . That includes when to get a hair cut.

The Writer. Digital Marketing Guru. Wild Girl. 
Obviously, she's my BFF! We're classmates from High School 'til College, and we've been inseparable ever since. Tara is my partner in crime, and I'd like to believe that I'm also hers. (except when I'm slaving on my job!) We have this weird connection and incredible chemistry, that we can be so opposite on some things (she's sweet & sexy, I'm tough and bossy) yet get along with each other so well on other things (we both work in the Communication Industry, both vain, both book/movie buffs and we both love traveling) We also have the power to sense our feelings from just a phone call or text.

Funny Meter: She's funny when she's drunk. And we once had a fight which lasted for three months. Whenever we see each other on the campus's catwalk, we made it seem like a scene from Mara Clara, except that we're both Claras! LOL. 

ME!  ME! ME! 
Nothing, gusto ko lang ju-moin. Blog ko 'to, diba?? :D
(just want to join, this is my blog after all, right?)

Forgive me for being so obviously proud of my girls! Because I really am. I'm happy that they are all doing what they love best, and that they excel in their chosen fields! Aside from that, I'm happy to see them loved, content, fulfilled and successful. :) 

I have more sets of amazing friends from blogging, from past offices and my current company. I also have a great set of cousins whom I considered siblings from different parents. If I ever have the chance to work from home again, I would love to introduce them to you, as well. 

To my Gamma Girls: I know I'm missing a lot of get together, dinners and dates lately. I'm in the middle of something big and tedious at work, and so I know by heart that you're supporting me 200%! Will try to make it up to you! :)

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  1. Aww, it's so cute reading about all of them! I miss my high school friends. That was the last time I had close girl friends...after that, it was easier to be friends with guys. Twas fun reading about some of your misadventures, haha, especially Tara's cos I know her!


  2. @ReluctantStylista: I've read your comment long ago but never got the chance to reply 'til now. Yaiyks. Thanks, Alex! HS friends are the bestest. :D And hey, congrats on the Parisian Challenge! Wuhoo! :)


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