Gratitude List: Starting March with a Big Bang!

I've noticed that March is always good to me. It was in a sunny March when I started on my first job and earned real money. It was in March when I met the love of my life. It was March last year when I took the leap of faith, left my guarded life and pursued my passion.

Now, March has barely started, and I'm already overwhelmed with the many things happening with my life. This month can bring milestones or not, but I'm grateful for every little blessings nonetheless. :)

For having the guts to cut my hair, or half at least

For feeling 10 years younger!

Because every woman needs all the protection she can get!

For lovely girlfriends K and S!

For a new gang where each one is cool and funny and very colorful

For a job I really really enjoy! Photo taken during AutoIndustriya's Speedfest at Subic International Airport

Hey, sexy!

Best of all, I'll have my first official makeup gig on Sunday! Yay! I'm super excited to make someone pretty for her 18th birthday, but equally anxious as well. Please wish me luck! :)

Have a happy weekend, loves!

From the Nook,


  1. Glad to be part of your list girlfriend! :)

  2. @Keanne: Of course! I really enjoyed the last two weekends with you! :)


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