Making People More Beautiful: My First Official Gig

I love making people more beautiful. I say more, because all of us are indeed beautiful! In so many ways we may not see nor understand. I like doing hair and makeup so much that in fact, I've done so many pro bono work in the past - from my University days (I've done makeup for fashion shows and beauty contests), occasions in the family, up to my professional work in the agency. If you need a quick makeup fix before an event or a date, drop by my area and I'll be more than happy to include you in the roster of my guinea pigs. :)

But beauty for me, does not stop with looking good, wearing fashionable clothes and sporting flawless makeup. Beauty for me transcends the physical looks and goes really skin-deep. Beauty is a feeling of content, of acceptance, of seeing the best in yourself and everyone around you. If I can make someone feel beautiful about themselves by recognizing their presence, appreciating their strengths and helping them be aware of their unique blessedness, then I guess I'm being faithful to my personal mission of being a source of joy for my fellow men.

On the other hand, we can't deny that makeup, creative style, and a lot of confidence are some of the best tools in our arsenal, and nothing is stopping us from using them, right? And boy I'm so glad that I'm given this gift and chance to highlight the beauty that's after all, is innate in everyone. :)

Meet Jade. She was very shy and timid at the start of her pre-debut pictorial, but with encouragement, flirty locks and age-appropriate makeup, she eventually blossomed into one fine, confident lady. I was like a big sister rooting for her baby sis all the while! :)

Jade's Pre-debut Pictorial 
Photographer: Keanne Villar
Hair & MU Artist: Dang Villanueva 
Stylist & Creative Director: Team Karen & Dang 
Location: Studio 1401

Cheers to celebrating beauty everyday! :) 

From the Nook, 


  1. Yehey for you! =) And yes I think you did my makeup basta yung naka superwoman outfit ako and Ms. PLM days LOL.

    Thank you for making me beautiful! Love love!

  2. Great job on her makeup, Dang! She looks super pretty! :)

  3. @Tara: You're welcom, ikaw pa! :) Love yah, BFF! Mishoooo!

    @Peachy Pink Sisters: Thank you! :) *shy* *kilig* Have a great hump day!

  4. wow, you did a good job here...


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