My Mother's Garden: How He Surprised the Neurochiq

Hello! Just got back from a business dynamic trip in Singapore where I met the most number of brilliant and competitive communicators per day for three days! Edelman people are all brilliant and interesting, and the trip opened a lot of doors and plethora of emotions for me, and totally deserves a solo post. 

I'm currently on holiday mode, all set to kill time, read books, meditate and sleep my heart out during the 5-day holiday in the Philippines which starts tomorrow afternoon. But before that, please allow me to indulge you in the romantic surprise that J prepared for me to celebrate our eight (8, I know!) years together. Sorry, pagbigyan na ang kiligera. :)

The magic started when he picked me up from a work-related event at the Manila Ocean Park on a rainy Thursday . I wasn't expecting anything since it's a work day and I'm honestly been tired and stressed the past weeks that I had no romantic sense in me. I tried to guess where we're going but nothing seemed familiar. Then, in a shady neighborhood in Pasay (near motels and tricycle stations!), he suddenly turned right into a massive gated property which reads 2650. From that moment, I knew he succeeded in doing something he's been trying so hard to do for the past couple of years: SURPRISE ME! 

Like Bubba's struggle with Jane, J also tells me I'm the hardest to surprise - I always "feel" what he's about to do, even what gift he's about to buy - typical boy *GRINS*! So you can just tell how delighted I was that night that my radar finally failed to work!I felt like the most beautiful, most loved girl in the world. As in haba ng blonde hair! =P

I give it to J for making me feel my best that night, a feeling I won't trade for anything else. When you're with the right person, everything may suck, but you'll still know you're exactly where God wants you to be. *sniffs*

The place is called My Mother's Garden, which is the former residence of National Artist for Architecture Pablo S. Antonio. It's now run by Ms. Malu Veloso, a bridal gown designer. J reserved the whole place for us with a personal butler (naks!), so I was able to go around and feel the warm, cozy feel of the old bungalow - which reminded me of my grandma's old lovely house where I grew up. There's a pond with Koi fishes, lots of flowering plants and interesting frames and art pieces all around the window-surrounded house. 

The food is pre-ordered and I must say, carefully prepared. Here's the rest of that magical night. :) 

Mixed greens with Mango dressing

Chorizo and black olives pasta


The best item that night - Mustard Chicken

Black sticky rice

A tired, pale, but happy happy girl!

Cheers from us! :)

My friends always tease me"Ikaw na ang Ms. Universe", because J has always been very protective of me, and served me in more ways I can imagine. I always think they're over analyzing and that all boyfriends are really like that. But this night, I finally accepted the fact that I'm wrong. I'm indeed a very special girl. :) 

Thank you for the wonderful 8 years, J! I'm excited to live the rest of my days being wrong, being right, being mad, being glad, being sexy, being childlike, being geeky, being foolish and being everything I want to be with you! :)

Do you mind to share your love story to me? :)

My Mother’s Garden
2650 Zamora St.
Pasay City
(632) 831 8407
Malu Antonio Veloso (+63917) 600 8886

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  2. Hi Carmi!

    Thanks for visiting. You have a really nice blog (love your shoes!) and I followed you, too! :)

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