Sunny Days Call for Sunny Shoes

It's a freaking hot day, like 35 degrees hot, when I had this epiphany: Sunny days call for bright, fun shoes!

My job has been really demanding lately and I nearly forgot what social life means, so I supposed I deserve some shopping therapy. I gave in to the urge and trooped to SM Makati -  I love buying at SM! I can get everything I need in one go. I checked my wallet and found PhP 2,000 cash to spare, given my self-imposed credit card ban. And so, I made my goals specific. I want a pair of edgy flats, a pair of flirty sandals and a pair of trendy wedge shoes - each one must be perfect for summer. 

Two hours and 30 plus-pairs-of-shoes-tried-on later, here are my finds:

Welcome to the family!
FLIRTY SANDALS: Nude and Aqua thong sandals from Forever 21 (PhP 430.00)
 Perfect for shorts, flowy skirts and summer dresses. I've been wearing this almost everyday, while my Fitflops take a much needed break. This officially, is my summer 2012 sandals. =)

TRENDY WEDGE SHOES: Brown abaca wedge shoes from SM Parisian (PhP 899.00)
I was overwhelmed by the new designs of SM Parisian shoes! In all fairness, the brand has improved a lot over the years, and is no longer a "generic" choice for budget conscious shoppers. They now offer classic designs, trendy pieces and even edgy ones (think 6-inch wedge shoes!). The best thing about them is that they maintained their competitive price.

Speaking of Parisian, please don't forget to vote for my lovely friends Tara, Jheng and Alex at the Parisian Bloggers Challenge. Simply click HERE and follow the instructions. :) 

EDGY FLATS: Red patent flats with bow from Mario D'boro (PhP 699.00)
It was a tough competition between this red baby and another aqua flats with over sized buttons from Janylin shoes, but my bloody love for red shoes won me over. Perfect for days when I'm too lazy to wear heels but still need a pair of office shoes with a "kick".

Some cutesie bedroom slippers from my lovely Auntie Nitz. Thanks, Tita!

I spent a total of PhP 2,028 for the shoes, but guilty as charged, I also bought some accessories from Forever21 and so my bill raked to total of PhP 2,900. Not really bad for three pairs of shoes, a ring, and a nice bubuyog sunnie.

I'm totally summer ready and off to Kota Kinabalu this weekend to meet some friends and unwind a little under the blinding sun. J is getting his first tat, too, and we're really very excited for that. ;)

Have a happy and sunny hump day, my dear readers!

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  1. I have the Parisian pair in yellow! :D

  2. I saw nga in your Parisian Challenge photo. :) I didn't recognize it at first, kahapon ko lang narealize. Yay, kambal shoes. :)


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