Review: Acne Control Facial by Flawless Face & Body Clinic

I'm about to spill a secret. I'm afraid of facials. Let's face it, getting facial treatments can be really really, well, painful, especially for pimple prone girls like me. After the physical discomfort, what adds to the pain is the anxious time waiting for the redness to fade and some cuts to heal.  That's probably the reason why I only go to my dermatologists back in the days. But with many available beauty and wellness centers run by certified medical practitioners, I eventually gave in and tried facial services out of the boring hospital clinics. 

One of the leading aesthetic center in the country is Flawless Face and Body Clinic. I recently tried their Acne Control Facial and here's what I have to share. 

Acne Control Facial
A treatment for acne-prone skin, the facial targets the bacteria that cause acne. Finish off with an Antiseptic Mask with antibacterial and healing properties that work simultaneously to diminish and prevent acne.

Reception Area

  • The interiors. They have really nice pink walls (and that's coming from a girl who normally thinks pink wall is tacky) and elegant lighting. There are  no individual rooms, but the spaces between the beds are comfortable enough.The beds are lined with white linens and clients are given pink towels/blankets.
  • Polite staff. My attendant speaks and moves softly. She always asks if I'm comfortable and gave me extra towels when she saw that I'm getting really cold. 
  • Ambiance. Unlike some low and mid-priced facial salons, the ambiance inside Flawless is more relaxing and less noisy and chaotic. There are some beauty centers where all you want to do is turn on your heel and leave the very second you enter the door. Crowded, noisy, or the therapists simply talk too much. 
  • Going the extra mile. My Acne Control Facial experience at Flawless may not be the best of the best, but for PhP490.00,  I definitely got my money's worth, even more. I like the extra services (don't be green!) of hand and shoulder massage, and the instant "spa" feel with the use of relaxing essences. The actual facial cleaning, is just okay. 
  • No pimple party! As I stated, pain in the actual process is just half of the story. The ultimate test is if my ever sensitive, pimple-prone skin reacts negatively with the procedure. Thankfully, it triggered only one small pimple, just one! No other violent reactions whatsoever. :)

  • Timing. The doctor approached me to offer their new peeling service, in the midst of my facial agony! It would have been better if the product/service briefing was done prior to the actual facial rather than ask me questions and offer additional services while I twitch in pain. :( My girlfriend who had her facial that same day, didn't get the same treatment, so maybe it's occasional and I just got lucky. I do hope so.
  • Heavy hand. I have low tolerance for pain, but to be honest, this facial session had been more painful than usual. Must be the attendant's heavy hand? 
  • Too much upselling. Though really, I don't mind. This is part of their job, I just hope they don't offer every single item on the shelf. But as I said, no biggie. :)

Will I recommend Flawless to my friends? Yes, it's worth trying them out. It's reasonably priced, customer friendly and they go the extra mile to give their clients a satisfying experience. Maybe I should try the more advanced treatments next time, and see if it will fare better. :)

Are you also scared of facials? What's your best and worst experience? Spill! :)

PS: For a directory of Flawless Face and Body Clinics, click HERE.

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  1. i just had my acne control facial yesterday sa flawless san lazaro,and its true,ang bigat ng kamay ng aesthetician kahit maglagay nalang ngantibacterial with a cotton hagod kung hagod siya sa skin ko..ouch...its been 1 and a half day may red marks pa din ako from pricking.

  2. @Camille: Hi Shobe, how are you? :) Nice to hear from you again. Yes, bigat nga ng kamay. :( I said I'll give it a second try, but when I went back to my Medical Spa, I felt the difference and I never looked back. Hope your skin heals faster! Muah!


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