My Official Date Hair by TIGI BedHead Headrush

A few weeks ago, I received a pleasant surprise from a lovely friend (hello, K!). It was good enough for me to get my hands on the TIGI BeadHead HeadRush, since I've been seeing interesting (not to mention super cute and colorful!) TIGI products when I was in Singapore, but never got the chance to buy one. Why? I won't deny it, I think I have nice hair already. So hair products other than shampoo, conditioner and mask, are marked as nice to haves rather than necessity in my shopping list. 

So when I finally get to try a TIGI product, I was stoked but honestly did not expect some drastic changes on my locks. Little did I know that I was in for a great treat, that will drive even my non-metrosexual in every sense boyfriend.

TIGI BeadHead HeadRush promises to give hair extreme gloss and superior coverage. I naturally have shiny  hair, but years of hair coloring (red, brown, copper, blonde - name it) somehow made my hair less shiny that I decided to dye my hair black again to give it a rest. Darker hair appears naturally shinier that lighter ones. When I first tried HeadRush, the gloss effect was instant. I tied my hair in half pony and sprayed it all over to give it more shine. It's light enough and non-sticky and a far cry from traditional hair polish and mineral oils which makes hair shinier but heavier and a lot oilier (as in langis ng niyog type) too. But this is not the revelation. Apparently, my boyfriend who's already immune to my whole gamut of beauty products, was actually impressed not only by how shiny my hair is, but how bango (good smelling) it is! Whenever I use HeadRush, my hair smells sweet and fruity, and it stays that way the whole day. I thought I was the only one who fell for this sweet smelling fine mist, but the fact that he noticed it, and he noticed it a lot, means HeadRush is really a cut from the rest. For this reason, I dubbed this product as My Official Date Hair. =D

  • Light weight and non sticky 
  • Makes hair glossy but not oily 
  • Comes in a pressurized spray bottle; no tub dipping or messy creams on your hand
  • Easy to use, just spray on dry hair and you're good to go
  • Super sweet smelling, perfect for your 50 First Dates! =) 
  • It doesn't hurt to have a colorful, cute bottle right?

  • Not widely available
  • More expensive than drugstore brands

I took some photos of my HeadRushed hair to give you and idea of how much shine it can give. I didn't use flash to avoid "fake" shine from bouncing light. 

Of course I don't intend to use HeadRush only for dating! I'm just glad it also doubles as My Official Meeting Hair, too! :)

Pardon the quality of the photos as these were taken after 3 succeeding meetings using my camera phone.

So, should you try the TIGI BeadHead HeadRush? Yes! If your hair is dull and lacks shine and you equally hate using oily hair polish and creams, then you will love HeadRush. Plus, you get that perfect smelling hair all day, too! The price is a little hefty though at over a thousand pesos for 200ml bottle, but it can actually last a long time.

Where to find TIGI BedHead Products: 

Basement Salons {Rockwell, Shangri La, Eastwood}, Essensuals {Megamall, Trinoma, 6750} Emphasis Rockwell, Henri Calayag {GB Residences}, Studio 546 {Shangri La Mall}, TIGI Bed Head Office {Pasig City}. 

If you're in Singapore, or HongKong, I've seen TIGI products in Sasa stores. For review of the TIGI product for curly hair, please visit my BFF's page HERE. :)

Have a great Sunday, loves! Sorry for my long absence, work has been really demanding lately, but here's me hoping to post more and hear more from you. I love reading your comments so fire away! :)

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