Nuffnang Alert: The Amazing Spider Man - Energizer Contest

Energizer and Nuffnang power up my life by providing me with the energy I need for life's great surprises!

As a confessed OC girl, I can't afford to settle for anything less. I only use the most  trusted brands and will never compromise quality over price. As such, Energizer has been the choice of not only myself, but my whole family when it comes to batteries. My first ever digital camera (circa 2004) run on AA batteries, and Energizer never failed to provide me with the long lasting power I need to snap my most treasured memories. Aside from powering so many things at home - from giant clocks to remote controls, even my niece's toys - what's most important is how Energizer come very handy in emergency situations (typhoons are so scary nowadays!), powering heavy duty emergency supplies like emergency lights, flash lights, battery operated radio and so much more. 

Because I value quality and safety, I only trust Energizer: Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries.