Quick FOTD post by Avon: Working on a Sinful Saturday

I admittedly hate working on Saturdays - who wouldn't? But in the rare times that I had to, I just make sure to dress and look my best for the better things after work. Hurray for the weekend! :) 

So here's my FOTD yesterday using True Colors ES Quad in Earth Tones, Everlasting Eyeliner in Shimmering Black and Simply Pretty Lipstick in Coral Pink, all from Avon.

How about you? What's inspires you when you have to work on a sinfully lazy weekend? :)

Thanks ma for the new toys! :)
I'm still perfecting using liquid eyeliner since I'm more used to using the gel type.

This coral pink lipstick is so close to my natural lip color. I think I'm going to hoard. :)

Hmm, someone's checking me out! ;-P