Boom Boom Bass-ing with Nicki Minaj - Manila 2012

 All work and no play makes Jack Dang a dull boy girl. Not only that, it also turns me into a witch. A really ugly one.

So before I declare stress war to the rest of the world, I stopped being a geek and took a big break by joining the rest of the "Barbz" (that's how she calls her fans) in the biggest Pink Friday Party of international rapper/singer Nicki Minaj.

The MOA Arena was packed to the brim, mostly of adorable little girls and of course, gays, mostly wearing bright pink costumes and wigs usually donned by the Trinidadian-born American rapper.

MOA Arena was packed inside and out!

I barely made it to the start of the concert around 9pm, I didn't see the front act (dancers) but I couldn't care less. We entered the concert venue as Nicki Minaj was singing her opening song and the audience were screaming so loud I can almost taste the energy. While I do listen to her songs (especially that they're staple in my BF's Hip-Hop car playlist), I was amazed by the teenagers who knew ALL her songs LINE by LINE. And I'm talking about 13 to 15 year-old teens! My favorites are the obvious: Starships, Your Love, and what's Nicki without Super Bass?

Everyone was dancing and screaming and throwing their hands in the air or waving their glow sticks that it's impossible for you not to feel overwhelmed, and amazed on how one person, considerably new in the industry, could rally the crowd to a wild but beautiful chaos. Then just like that, I let go of all my inhibitions and started jumping and screaming and dancing, too. In my mind, I was puking all the stress and negative vibes with every song. I clapped so hard, I ended up with sore arms.

I hope my photos did justice to the awesome concert party brought to Manila by Blackberry Philippines and Globe. :)

It ended with pink and purple shining shimmering confetti, I remembered the fabulous golden finale of Kylie Minogue last year! :)

The paparazzi shot by RIM/Team Blackberry Philippines. For more kikay outfit photos from the concert, visit this LINK to the BlackberryPH Facebook Page.
The obligatory shot with Nicki :D

So, did the Pink Friday Tour cured my stress? Hell yeah! So much that I reported to the office the next day with a big smile and bright red lipstick. One thing though, one hour of Nicki is just plain BITIN! <3

Did you witness Nicki Minaj last night? What's your favorite part of the concert?

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