Product Review: Breaking the Code to Youthful Skin

I used to undermine the benefits of using serums. For years, I stick to the cleanse-tone-moisturize-protect habit, and I thought I was fine. I should have been wiser. We live in a world with fast changing needs, that we tend to stretch ourselves too thin to meet what's expected or rather, demanded from us by our work, our family duties, even our personal goals. All the stress, lack of sleep and dirty habits (smoking, alcohol, upsized fastfood meals, too much of everything) take its toll on our health, and body, and yes, our skin. I have this theory that people looks older now, than two generations ago. One look at my mom's photo when she was my age, and I automatically know that I look like crap these days. Since getting 8-hour sleep, regular exercise and proper diet are not something I can commit to at this point, then I might as well turn to science to help me deal with premature aging problems. 

One such product that I've been using the past 5 months (not easy to be loyal to one, ha) is L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Pre-Essence. I got it as a gift from my client who works for the same company. I only use it every night since I don't like putting so much products in the morning because Manila heat can be really unforgiving, especially on commute days. So, on to my notes.

  • First of all, no breakouts. I've read some reviews which says otherwise. I'm glad my skin responded well, but of course, a patch test will be best. Place small amount of product to your inner arm of back of ear and observe for 24 hours for any adverse effects. 
  • The consistency. It's silky and glides smoothly on my skin. I usually face the fan to dry it before I apply my usual moisturizer. To be honest, it's moisturizing enough on its own, but I discovered that my skin felt softer if I use it in tandem. 
  • Instant effects. I know anti-aging products are supposed to work to prevent aging, and thus, can only be fully appreciated in time. But it's always good waking up to smoother, more glowing skin every morning. The sides of my nose are almost always peeling, and this product helped a lot in addressing it. 
  • Dropper. It's hygienic than dipping your fingers in a tub of product, and it's fancy too. 
  • Backed up by Science. As mentioned, the company behind this product is my client. While I don't deal with any of their brands, but more of the corporate side, I'm confident that L'Oreal invests heavily on R&I (Research & Innovation), and thus, each of their product goes out with the highest quality marks. This particular product is a result of 10 years of research on genes. To find out more about it, you can click HERE.
  • Price Tag. It's priced at rough Php 1,500 (34 USD). Generally cheaper than other brands like Kiehl's or Lancome. I finished my first bottle in 3.5 months, so it's roughly Php12/day that you nourish your face and neck with anti-aging goodness. Not bad at all. :)

  • Fragrance. While I like good smelling products, I know for sure that less or no fragrance means less harm to skin.

Here's a secret, I've tried the Lancome Genefique, and IMO, the L'Oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence is as good, and of course, less expensive. 

Good to know:

Serums and moisturizers are two different things.  A moisturizer has larger molecules than a serum. This means that a moisturizer will not penetrate the skin as far as a serum will (which has smaller molecules, thus, can go deeper on your skin). Serums are meant to deposit nutrients and anti-oxidants to address concerns like aging, dark spots, even acne. Moisturizers are meant to deposit moisture and hydration on your skin. Some serums can be moisturizing enough, so it can be used alone. On the other hand, if you don't have skin troubles and happy with just a moisturizer, then lucky you because there's no need for you to shed out extra cash at this point.

So, are you a serum fan? What works best for you? Happy to hear your thoughts

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. :)

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