DIY: How the Bedside Table Fixed My Life

I'm not exaggerating. The dinkiness of my room vis-à-vis the amount of beauty products, books and whatnots that I've accumulated over the years increasingly annoys me. Things continue to pile up and I just have to do something about it, lest I won't have enough space to sleep on my bed.  So I trooped to the mall in search of a solution that can finally organize my life. Prior to being consumed by the corporate world, I was shrewd at doing DIYs. So I put on my handyman hat once again and put an end to the mess that irks my OC self to death.

The mess that greets annoys me in the morning
and a few more under my bed
and it continues next door

If you have the same problem, here's what you need to do. 

1. Go to the nearest SM Mall and get yourself a collapsible cabinet. Boy, they really got everything! In all shapes and sizes, and at really affordable prices, too. I got this for only Php 999.00. I'll paint this white or green when I have the time.
2. Get some tools (Phillips-head screwdriver) or a handy Swiss Knife and screw the panels together. You can't go wrong because one, it's darn simple, and two, they still provide a manual despite being darn simple! :D
3. Group your things together and decide which goes to which shelf. The bottom shelf contains fresh toiletries, sealed beauty products and my cash box. I like putting things in compartments, BTW.
4. The middle shelf contains my current reads, scented oil burners and candles, daily-use makeup brushes and remote controls.
5. The topmost contains my daily necessities like hair and facial products, body creams, face mirror and makeup. 

Voila! Simple, neat and life-saving for the OC population of the world. :D

 Are you as anally retentive as I am? How do you manage simple mess like this? I'm curious to know!

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  1. Now I want a cabinet like that. Thanks for the idea, BFF and see you tomorrow =)

  2. Thanks, BFF. But I still need more, I'm sure ikaw din. Daming gamit :D See you tom, I'm excited!


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