Gratitude List: Road Trips, Sexy Cars & Feeling like a Freshman

Time to flip my mini notebook's pages and dig up my Gratitude List. Cheers to a wet Sunday and sharing life in pictures. 

  • Road Trip & Beach Getaway with the Friday Night Club 

Friday Night Club: Kyle, Chard, Nikko, Cille, I & Jepoy. We miss Dave, May & Aquino.

Game over. Time to go home faces.

Any interaction with nature is good for the body. In the very few long weekends that we have, all I want to do is pack my weekender bag and get out of the city smog. A few SMS with my Friday Night group and we're off for a roadtrip to Tagaytay and Nasugbu Batangas for the recent three-day break. We're missing three of our members who are currently residing abroad. =(

  • My new Team Awesome 

I thought moving to a new team will be hard, but God really has the best plan. I'm now with a team of not only brilliant workers, but really awesomely weird people. Plus, no more drama, my old team is just seated on the next pod!

  • Tale of the PR slaves

In my several years of working in PR, it's my first time to have an event for four days straight. We staged a booth in the 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) and co-facilitated a Fun Rally going to Thunderbird in Rizal. My legs are giving up on my by the third day, but what's adrenaline for? Congrats and good job, team awesome! We totally owned PIMS! =)

  • Girlfriends and WhatsApp
Thanks for the photo, BFF!

I'm guilty of acting like a hermit and taking a rain check so many times this year. I finally had the chance to see my girls again last Friday, and as always, it turned out to be an awesome night. We've talked about grown up things and major changes in our lives, that I can't help but be proud of my girls (okay, myself included) for being brave and for living our lives the way we want it.

PS: Thank goodness for WhatsApp for bridging BB and iPhone, we're in touch 24/7!

  • Feeling like a Freshman again
Feeling first year college! Cindz, Phine with baby Paige, Arah & I

Super good friend, Arghie, who also calls me Cruella! He's my very first friend in college and I love this guy to bits!
Reunion with my college friends after six long years. The moment I stepped in (of course I'm late!), it all felt just like college, and we still know each other very well! Proves my theory that everyone in FB is a stalker, yeah? =)

I'm excited for what this coming week has to offer. Happy Sunday! 

Much Love, 


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