OOTD: Wash Day Wednesday a.k.a. Feeling Colegiala

Since my good friend and constant banter buddy Marky (Hello Mr. Gutierrez!) played critic to the outfits I donned this week, and since he teased me all day long calling me "tagapagmana ng kumpanya" (company heiress) with my Tuesday outfit of black high-waist skirt, black sleeveless blouse and leopard print jacket, I decided to wear the complete opposite come Wednesday. If I looked like a company shareholder and/or a matapobreng donya on Tuesday, I sure can pull off a giggly girl's outfit on Wednesday! 

While I'm not the first person you'll take to wear a blue-pink ensemble, if only to base it from the number of  double takes (from awe or disgust I'm not sure! HAHA)  and kind words I received, then it's safe to say that I nailed the colegiala look that day. As if that's not enough, the kind manang cleaning the airport bathroom that afternoon exclaimed in a true Pinay fashion "ang sexy naman ni ma'am!" (you're so sexy ma'am). She then asked me how old I am, and told me I look so much younger than 27. Let's just say looking younger than my age is not something I hear everyday.

If that wasn't enough to make my day as bright as my candy-colored outfit, I don't know what else can! :D

Top from Chic Tees
Skirt from Alphaland tiangge
Wedge shoes from SM Parisian
Accessories Bijoux Terner

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