Dress Up as Ursula: Check!

I like dressing up; I mean dressing as someone else up. I'm not sure about you, but wearing costumes and being someone else for a day sounds like so much fun to me. It's liberating, and I get the chance to personify characters I adore or can relate with and it provides me an avenue to be extra creative. Though Cosplay is probably beyond me, dressing up for an occasion or event is something I really enjoy doing. 

Fortunately, I work for a creative agency that has a knack on luring its employees to make extra effort during company parties. In my previous company, you can offer the world and no one will dress up other than the expats. What a shame! :( Now is a different story. It takes a lot more effort when you happen to have a million things on your plate, have to run between meetings, but amazingly, my colleagues (and I!) still have the juice to prepare costumes and props. You don't even have to bribe us with anything. Haha. Well, probably free booze will be good. :)

Here's a few times I allowed myself to look stupid and dress the part. Heck, it's fun! :)

First time to try doing artistic makeup
Hosting the Cirque Du Soleil party, Christmas 2011. My peg is...tiketera sa perya!:D
Anniversary Treat: Phantom of the Opera Night. I'm Raoul complete with a cravat! :)
Halloween 2012: Our team decided to be cartoon characters! Pia as Kung Fu Panda is super winner!
Can I just say this is a dream come true? I fancied dressing up as Ursula since third grade! :D

Do you like wearing costumes? What/who did you portray last Halloween? Share!

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  1. I haven't worn a costume in ages! But for next halloween, with the baby in tow, we're going as an Indian family.

    Peg ko si Pocahontas, the hubby will be this Indian cartoon character that only he seems to know and the baby will be the papoose. Kinikilig na kami:p

  2. Jill, I can imagine you na as Pocahontas with the baby in a sling! :) Your hubby's character will be the big surprise.Haha.:P


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