Sample Room Goes Live TODAY!


I subscribed to Sample Room in October, and since then, the very chic "Cassie" has been very diligent in updating me with its progress.  Sample Room is a beauty and lifestyle sampling website. Now, you must be thinking "they're all over the internet these days", which is true

But what makes Sample Room really different is that it banks on the power of FREE product sampling. Yup, no monthly subscription fees to get samples. You just have to register to be a member. Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples, based from the points you have. To start the Sample Room adventure, you automatically gain 100 points upon registration. Want to get more points to get more samples? Write reviews on the samples you received and post them at This way,  you can even help other girls decide before getting full-sized products. After all, life is pretty hard these days, and so we want our moolah to be spent on products that we actually need and will work for us. Just like what Sample Room says: TRY before you BUY.

Best thing is, Sample Room going live TODAY. In an hour. Or any minute!!!

Keep refreshing those browsers, won't you? :)

Get FREE samples, post reviews, earn points from your reviews, use the points to get more FREE samples. Smart, right? :) If you need more points, you have the option to purchase them.

Keep yourself updated by following Sample Room: 

Excited from the Nook,


  1. It super sells out fast!! :( Kakainis Im always late! :(



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