What I Learned Today: Christmas Edition


As I get older and wiser, I subsequently learned to let go of material things for Christmas. I barely bought anything for myself this year, and instead spent most of my cash on presents for family and friends and some on a trip to visit my folks in the province. I appreciate receiving gifts, especially well-thought of ones, but nothing compares to the feeling of giving and sharing to people I truly value the most. If I had more to give, I'll gladly wrap presents for strangers I meet in the streets. Maybe in a few years I'll be more able. 

Giving seriously breaks my bank but fills my spirit, and spending time with Christ, my family, and a few chosen friends leaves me tired and exhausted but in return delights my heart. That to me, is Christmas.

From my family and friends to yours, have a very Merry, Blessed Christmas!  

From the Nook,


  1. Merry Christmas Dang! Haven't seen you in awhile pero you're looking good and very happy! :) take care and see you soon!

  2. Merry Christmas, Nikki! Oo nga, been a while. I miss you! :) Take care and kisses to your baby <3


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