2012: A Year in Pictures

Brace yourself. It's gonna be a long one.

I have a legitimate reason to love obsess over photographs. I'm very visual. I understand and appreciate things and ideas better with illustrations. I remember events more vividly with pictures. I associate places, and people, with photos I personally captured. During the break, I thought long and hard on what transpired in my life in 2012. I remembered milestones and special occasions, but as soon as I flipped through my phone gallery, the events of 2012, big and small came to life, with wilder, more wonderful details. It's an exhilarating feeling only pictures can bring.

I cannot claim 2012 to be my best year, and I'm still well within the journey of getting there. There, meaning where I'm supposed to be. There meaning being what I'm created for. We're no accident. We're here for a reason, and it can be tough - I'm a stubborn girl, accepting that we have very little control over our life's purpose which we perpetually think about, when all along, a Higher Being has planned it perfectly for us. We just need to learn to listen well and accept.

2012 brought me mind-boggling challenges, intense feelings which  can be good and bad at the same time, and came across several turning points, heart aches and self realizations. My good friend P was telling me about "centers" and "antithesis" (yes, it was from the Rise of the Guardians, thank you). We agreed that hers is Adventure (center) and Boredom (antithesis). My center is Passion and my antithesis is Mediocrity. And my 2012 witnessed both, same as any other year when I work superb on things I'm passionate and crazy about and lack juice when things go bland. 

Since I'm photo crazy, narcissistic and highly visual, I'll let the photos do the talking. I'll try to limit to a one few photos per month. Here we go.


Potipot Island, Zambales

Aside from a great 2012 starter of a Potipot beach getaway, my January highlights included a brand spankin' new account. One of the biggest of the agency. Old face, new challenge. Great to see you again, SHELL. 


AutoIndustriya.com's SPEEDFEST, Subic International Airport
My first motoring event where sports cars with monster engines, some more expensive than my house, geez, literally surrounded me.


With my HS best friend Karen and her good friend Simone in Puerto Galera for Malasimbo Fest
Squeezed in some early Anniversary celebration, too.
My most favorite musical so far: WICKED!
Sweetie's surprise for our 8th Anniversary. He rented the whole place for dinner complete with a butler. ;-)
First official makeup gig for a pre-debut pictorial

March is obviously packed. Met new friends from the West, Sweetie pulled off a perfect surprise, got sent to Singapore for training and watched Wicked on the side, too, and finally, made some decent money out of a happy hobby: make-up. 


Celebrating my 27th birthday at Sapi Island, Kota Kinabalu
Visiting old friends and meeting new ones! Le Face, Kota Kinabalu
Birthday dinner with my family. That's mama and my nephew, Caleb.

I celebrated my birthday in a different country, visited old friends (hello, Ranie!) and met new ones, traveled to my heart's desire, and my brother and his family were home from Dubai. My birthday month was sweet and spectacular. :-)


Shell V-Power Nitro+ Manila and Regional Launches. Photo taken in Cebu City.
Company getaway in Boracay
Davao City
Radio Guesting in Manila, Cebu and Davao
Nikki Minaj Friday Fever! :)

What can I say, May to July was a tiring but wonderful chaos. Back to back launches of Shell V-Power Nitro+ which brought me to some places. It's a project we've worked on for more than half a year. It was like giving birth, assuming I know how it's like.


Girls of the Friday Night Club in Batangas
I'm 5'4" and I still feel like a dwarf. :-) Philippine International Motor Show 2012


Six years after college
A new blessing. My kuya's bunso, Ziv Tobias

It was a great feeling to see my college buds after six long years! September also witnessed the birth of my newest nephew, Ziv, whom by now, at only 4 months, is already a buddha baby. Super tabachoy I can pinch him all day!


Blackberry Playbook-worthy shot
Fan girl meeting the Phantom
Winning the best team costume for Halloween :)

Back to back win for best in costume for Phantom of the Opera and Halloween. Crazy, good times. :) On the other end of the spectrum is an unfortunate event in the family, which I'd like to think still paved way to a lot of good things: learning, reconciliation, love and stronger faith. Just like I always say, all in God's plan. If you want to read about my dad's near-death experience (24 days unconscious in ICU) and my struggle with my personal demon, click HERE.


I'm a LEGO baby. Are you?
Work in progress. Stay tuned! :)

In the middle of year-end work chaos, I managed to start working on an online/offline business again. It's still a work in progress, but a good way to end the year and start 2013. Brighter days ahead! :)


Attended the company Christmas Party as Ginger Spice. I was supposed to be Black Widow, but well, team work first. :-p
The annual Gamma Party 2012. From Glam in 2011, we mature to Kids in 2012. :)
Family is probably the best gift I was born with. A BIG, crazy, happy one.

That was a fun way to reminisce and say goodbye to 2012. Despite the challenges this year, the Lord has been faithful to me and my family, rescuing us in the most  impossible situations, providing for us in ways I wouldn't have guessed. Last year, the "power word" that I wrote in my Belle De Jour planner was FAITH, and I vow to develop this more and more. In 2013, my "power word" will be SUBMISSION. Submission to what's planned for me, submission to God's Will, submission of my fears, my worries and sins. Submission of everything I do. This is not going to be easy. But faith doesn't make things easy, faith makes things possible.

Have a brighter, more blessed 2013 to all of us! My prayers for you and your loved ones. Cheers! :)

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  1. Looks like you had a good 2012, Dang! May 2013 be an even better one for you! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Dea! I'm sure your 2013 will be much more special with the new baby! Yay. :)


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