Happy Post: Tipiderella Online Store & Making Kids Happy

Hi guys! I'm posting two important things today. One is a shameless plug, and another is something wonderful that you might want to consider this coming Valentine's. Let's go!

First, I mentioned about my small, humble business venture late last year. My online clothing and lifestyle store, Tipiderella, is finally ready to do business. We're all set for your queries, orders and what nots. Online shopping can really make a busy girl's life easier, and although it's a struggle, there's really delayed gratification in waiting, yeah? We also do meet-ups with chika on the side. ;-) Talk to us anytime at tipiderella@gmail.com or PM us in our FB page.

So my dear readers, I'm humbly asking for your support. Checking out Tipiderella's Facebook page is a good start. If you like what you see, liking and following us, will already be a gracious gift and we'll be really happy to have you in our Tipiderella Community. Our promise is simple as our name, we offer fashionable finds that are easy on the pocket. No over-the-top prices. We're also transparent on our products' sources, may they be from overseas or proudly Pinoy made. 

We will be building our closet gradually, and we hope you'll join us in the adventure of finding good items without breaking the bank. We will also be sharing tips and blog posts on how girls can look and feel fantastic sans overspending. Thank you in advance for your support! :) 


Secondly, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. In a relationship or not, this is the perfect time for everyone to love and be loved. But if you think you have no reason to smile this February 14, why not try to make someone else happy. It's one of the most amazing feeling. It's a mantra I would like to abide by this 2013. This is the post I shared in my personal Facebook last week. It's so positive, I hope you find time to read it, too. WHO HAVE YOU MADE HAPPY TODAY?

So, this is our chance to make an itsy-bitsy difference and make some kids in need really happy! 

Feed Their Future is collecting stuffed toys in need of a new home for the kids of National Children's Hospital. They will be giving them on Valentine's Day. If you want to give some of your plushies, just send my wonderful friend, Reyna Tabbada a message at reyna.tabbada@gmail.com. She can help you arrange pick-ups. Or you may contact me as well at dang_villanueva@yahoo.com and will be glad to help you! My office is right in the heart of Makati, so you can drop by or meet me anytime. :)

Feed Their Future project is a Philippine-based grassroots movement that started in September 2010, which aims to better nourish public schoolchildren in Philippine communities where poverty prevails.

PS: Pre-loved toys are great, but new toys are also welcome!  

And that concludes my happy Wednesday post. Great midweek, guys! :)

From the Nook,