OOTD and Ode to Work Girlfriends

It's the time of the year to do corporate photoshoot so we'll look decent in pitch decks and the company website. Too bad I had series of meetings that day hence, my super tired eyes, and was also wrong to think that my sad jeans won't  be shown but I'm okay overall. I also skipped the makeup artist and did my own FOTD using my trusted photo ready products. 

Top is from Maldita, jeans is from Forever 21 and the gorgeous bib necklace is from Freedom Manila.

Femme Fatale

I once posted about my girlfriends from High School, and I think it's also nice to intro my work girlfriends, too. They are equally amazing, and powerhouse in their own, quirky rights. Naissa is the glam lady of the group, always dressed to the nines, and handles lifestyle accounts like it's an everyday affair. Pia is the life of the party and you won't miss her manic laughter across the office. But beware because this lady is so smart and assertive, you might want to check your notes before arguing. You can call Nina weird, but that's what makes her so beautiful! We suspect that her personality and sense of humor all come from her amazing locks. And don't get her started on videoke. Me thinks she's the next The Voice winner.  Mica is the bunso of the group. The real Super AE (account executive). It may take some time and alcohol to unlock her inner kulit, but it's worth waiting for Mica to loosen up. Jelly is our you-have-no-idea-how-sexy-she-is mother hen. If she can handle five bull-headed girls everyday, then I don't know what else she can't do. (Hello, team TMI!)

BTW, I just came back from an awesome 4-day beach trip in Pundaquit, Zambales. It's so hard to go back to the reality of work, smog and city life, but I guess vacations won't be as special if not for normal days. So sige na nga, let's move on and nail this work week. :) Have a great one, loves!

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