Review: BLISS Hand Body & Nail Spa in BF Resort Las Pinas

As a true blue Southern girl, I make it a point to visit new establishments that catch my attention and pocket (don't you love opening promos?). One relatively new spa in BF Resort is the Bliss Hand and Nail Spa along Gloria Diaz. The facade doesn't look much, but at the end of the day, it's the quality of service and massage that matter more to me. I first tried Bliss last year when they were only a few months old, and sad to say I was a bit disappointed. The therapist was okay, but I really felt I'm in a "newbie" establishment. I had to ask for some music to be played after feeling awkward with too much silence. Alas, they played music using the therapist's cellphone and CDR King portable speakers. They should have been more ready for business. Little things matter especially when you're in the business of pampering and relaxation. But I believe in second chances, and since I've had a business of my own, I knew how hard it is to get a grip in the first few months. As in tears and blood! So, I went back to Bliss after a few months and I proved myself right. They improved a lot and definitely know better how to satisfy their stressed clients.  


Reception area
Comfy couches to make waiting more bearable

A decent and clean bathroom

Various local and imported nail polishes to choose from

I availed the 60-minute Swedish massage, and here are my takes:

  • Neat, clean, relaxing interiors 
  • Polite staff 
  • Well-trained therapists. My therapist Jane, was barely 5' tall, but she beat me like a boxer! I always go for hard pressure massages, and she delivered. :)
  •  Reasonable prices. Their 60-minute Swedish massage is only Php 300.00, and they even have a promo rate, Php 250.00 only from Mon-Thurs,1-4pm.
  • They have solo rooms which is a lot better than a huge hall separated by curtains - or no curtains at all!
  • They offer lots of pampering services like mani and pedi, hand, foot and hair spa, ventosa, waxing and even facial so you can have a total "me" time in one stop.

It's unfortunate that Bliss doesn't have any official website, nor FB page. Would have been easier to promote their shop. Sayang. But if you want to inquire more or book a schedule, just dial 478-9168 or 0917-4786285.

BLISS Hand Body and Nail Spa
#143 Gloria Diaz St., BF Resort Village, Las PiƱas City

Have fun! :)

From the Nook,

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  1. They improved now? I never went back after my first time there. The therapist didn't know what she was doing! You just encouraged me to try them again. :-)

    1. Hi Mnel! I was also unsatisfied the first time I tried their service. But I gave them a second go after a few months and they were a lot better. :) try to look for Jane when you visit. Otherwise, Ruyifang in Aguirre avenue, BF Pque is a sure ball. ;) have fun!

    2. Went back the same day I visited your blog. The first time Charlie laid her hands on my back, I instantly knew it would be good. I can't remember the last time I had a good back massage... never mind if I go to the spa every other week. =P My go-to place is Sesitra spa, also along Aguirre. I'd surely come back for more. :)

    3. Great to hear you had a better experience on your second visit. Happy that they really improved. I've also been to Sesitra, but sadly, I didn't like it. I should probably try them again and ask for a different therapist. Second chances!:)

  2. ill be going here on my birthday in november with a frnd need to pamper my self do i have to make a appointments??


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