Review: The Wine Museum Hotel and Resto

Late last year, my good friend Sophie (thank you, Sophie dear!:)) gave me some MetroDeal vouchers to The Wine Museum in Pasay. Shady as the location may seem, I can't help but notice this establishment on my way home from work, and so I gratefully accepted her offer. The building is quite new and neat and it literally stands out among the row of older buildings, bus terminals and dark alleys. I've been curious but never had the chance to try it out until Sophie's offer. The Wine Museum is a boutique hotel with several rooms, function area and Spanish/Colonial resto aimed to house travelers due to its proximity to the airport.

Their food is good and offered at very reasonable prices. We had three kinds of pasta (serving is really big, an order is good for two!), a really yummy Ceasar salad, fish fillet with almonds and of course, sweetie's staple: good old (Bobby's) fried chicken - a best seller. The place is very quiet and cozy, and the staff are beyond courteous. On my third visit, they literally know me by name! :) 

So aside from a glorious dinner, we also had the chance to go around and see their wine museum. The place is owned by the family behind Ralph's and Ram's wine shops. So, what did I, a wine novice, learn about this legendary drink? Let us review. 

Wine is usually made from one or more varieties of the European  grapes such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay and Merlot. Dark skinned grapes usually produce red wines while green skinned ones are used to produce white. Each variety of grapes produce wines of unique characteristics and flavor. 

Wine barrels, especially those made of oak, is an important tool in winemaking. Aging in oak typically imparts desirable vanilla, butter and spice flavors to wine. The size of the barrel also plays a large role in determining the effects of oak on the wine by dictating the ratio of surface area to volume of wine with smaller containers having a larger impact. 

There are three major types of wine: Sparkling, Table and Fortified. Fortified wine has the highest content of alcohol, 22% at the most. No wonder I feel sleepy after my second glass! :)

A few minutes of browsing through a Wine 101 book I borrowed from their shelf and I already felt my head exploding with so much interesting information. Didn't realize how meticulous winemaking is until now; it's really a work of passion and art! The soil, the wind and temperature, age, its origin; all of these affect the taste, flavor, body and aroma of wines. I was also surprised to know that the "majority" sense used to enjoy wine is - yup not your sense of taste - but the sense of smell!

Anyways, a lot more things to learn about wines, and I barely scratched the surface! I think I should study how to differentiate one after the other, how to properly enjoy wine, which food goes perfect with certain kinds etc. In that case, it's good to know that The Wine Museum also offers wine appreciation night as well as wine seminars. How cool is that? 

For more info, you may visit their website: The Wine Museum.

Fish Fillet with Almond. Php 275.00. Photo courtesy of The Wine Museum website.

The Wine Museum Hotel & Resto 
2253 Aurora Boulevard (formerly Tramo Road) Pasay City, Manila
+63 2 239 42 78

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  1. Is Tramo the road intersecting the airport road? The crappy, shady road that leads to Baclaran?

  2. I think that one is on the other side when you go right. From Makati, before end of EDSA, there's a flyover going left leading to Sucat road. You'll find the Wine Museum just after going down the flyover, right side. But the place is also shady as there are some small rundown buildings and bus terminals. I asked the manager and he said the lot has been owned by the (Ralph's/Ram Wines) family for generations so I guess that's why they still put up the hotel and resto. Anyways, good morning, Jill! :)


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