Nail Bar BF Resort: For the Wild and Pink at Heart

I should really start a blog dedicated to the awesome South. :) Whenever I see new establishments, and I tell you I know every nooks and corners, I have this urge to try it out and support local business. Part of it is because I spend 80% of my time working in Makati, so I refuse to get out of my residential vicinity during weekends. What for? drive along Aguirre in BF Homes and you'll find everything there. From groceries, bars, spas, salons, cafes and tea hubs, pet shops, Korean groceries, you name it. BF Resort may be a lot smaller, but it also has everything I need. After all, I'm not a fan of crowded places. I always take the seat in the farthest corner. I sit facing the walls so I won't be obliged to greet every person I know who walks in. I like discovering unique, cozy nooks where I can be in my tattered shorts and white tee and not feel guilty to be antisocial. I communicate and socialize for a living, I need some break! :)

One such place is Nail Bar, a posh nail salon that offers nail pampering while sipping your favorite milk tea. Located along Gloria Diaz street in BF Resort Las Pinas, Nail Bar has been around since October last year, and has grown to be a favorite zen place for many South girls. This is one of the very few salons where you can really relax and have a quiet me time because there's no Boy Abunda or Butch Francisco blabbing about showbiz chismis on TV. In fact, there's no TV! Lights are dimmed, staff speaks softly and the couches hug me in all the right places. The interiors is also very appealing. You know me, anything with wild prints, black and hot pink wins me.

 WILD PRINTS and HOT PINK. It's screaming my name!

I tried the foot spa and pedicure with imported polish for Php 380.00 which is not bad at all. The foot scrub needs a little more intensity in skin filing, but it depends on the client's preference actually. The nail technician was also very careful to remove hardened skin and stubborn ingrown so plus points for that. No ouchies for me!

Crystal foot soak is followed by light sugar scrub and skin filing. They have various scents and I chose relaxing lavender. They also have leg massage and waxing service, which I'm yet to try next time.

They also made sure to dry my nails thoroughly which is a must for girls who have no boyfriends or drivers to bring them around. LOL. I've had too many incidents of destroying my wet polish driving home and it's really annoying. :(

To know more about Nail Bar's full list of services and prices, check their Facebook Page. You'll also find ongoing promos and great deals on fun Sparties.

Nail Bar
Gloria Diaz Street, BF Resort

In front of Ken Care School
0917 5747677
Enjoy your weekend, girls! Make sure to show yourself and your body some love! :)

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  1. The place looks so girly! Love it. :)

  2. Hi L! Great to hear from you. Yes, I love it so much that I want to redecorate my room like this! :D

  3. I love wandering around BF area! The atmosphere is laid-back and yes, it's less crowded! Thanks for this, Dang! Will try to go there soon. :)

  4. @ Khristine: Hi fellow South girl! Hope to bump into you at Nail Bar. :)

  5. Thanks soooo much for visiting babe!!! :) and you wrote about it pa.. I am sooo touched!!! Imissyou!

  6. No worries at all, D! I had a nice time at Nail Bar, and it's super close to home so see you again next time. :)


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