Overhauled: Hopeful for better things to come

I started my blogging life in 2012 by changing my site's overall look and I meant to do the same for 2013. I know it's March and first quarter is almost ending, but you gotta give a busy girl some leniency. :) So to continue the tradition, I did some tinkering on the thank goodness-friendly blogger interface to give my nook a fresh, fiesty lift.

I will continue writing about my inspirations, life lessons, beautiful vain things (product reviews, outfits, make-up, skincare and such) and random hopes and dreams of a wild child. You can also expect some #iworkinpr posts, which I hope to be mostly celebratory than shocking (you should check out that Tumblr!). I'm crossing my fingers now.

As I always say, I should be writing no less than twice a week and though I continuously fail to do so, it won't hurt to try again. Maybe I should line up as many drafts as I can when I get the time. But you see, I don't like my posts to be pilit and stuffed with filler photos and useless blabs. I value my reader's time so I want to make sure they don't read crap at the very least. 

So, here's to a new look and hope for better blogging things to come in 2013! Thanks for reading. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'm not very sensitive. See you at my nook! :)


  1. Hooray for blogging more often! And I can't wait to hear more about your PR adventures ;-)

  2. Hi Jill! Sana talaga I get to do the thrice a week thing. And yes, PR adventures! But I should invite you to coffee soon para animated. ;-) Good luck on your Crazy Beautiful event. I'd love to join, but you know naman it's a Wednesday, so negative. :(

  3. Super nice look!!! And can't wait to read more of your adventures sa PR!!!

  4. Hi Nikki! Thank you. :) Hahaha, parang you and Jill said the same thing about the PR adventures. Ready for some comedy? :P


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