NeuroEat: Movie Stars Cafe at MOA

My man and I like to discover new things; places to go, food to eat, even hobbies. Earlier this year, we tried our hand at fishing. More recently, he introduced me to mixed martial arts, and thanks to some friendly connections, we were able to score some seats to watch OneFC live in MOA arena. It was a stressful experience, the good kind though, and I eventually realized that there's really more to MMA than male hormones and perceived violence. MMA is an art that requires dedication, hardwork and more importantly, respect. 

Speaking of new things, we recently dined at the Movie Stars Cafe in MOA. I got some buffet vouchers from Metrodeal for about 30% less. I paid 399 instead of 599 for unlimited food and drinks including local beers. Not bad at all, especially that it's no ordinary restaurant for obvious reasons - they carry the hollywood theme. The place is packed with movie and hollywood memorabilia and larger than life installations from famous movies and unforgettable characters. The crew are dressed in costumes and occasionally burst into a dance number. You can also take photos with your favorite characters who will happily play foolish with you. We went on a Friday and the theme for that night was Footloose. But Ironman, Spiderman, Peter Pan, Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime were also there. I guess that's because they are the most sought after. :)

The Spiderman who dances really well, as in kembot to the max. ;)

The food selection was okay. The first time I lined up, there were liver wrapped in bacons, crablets, sisig, sausages and pasta. There were three kinds of sushi, too. I find it a bit limited but I later found out that they change or add entrees as they go along. After the first hour, I saw fresh servings of kebabs, fish and chips and another kind of pasta. The bar serves iced tea, three kinds of really really sugary juices (skip it!) and soft drinks. Beers came in big mugs, which you can actually order from the roving servers. 

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The service wasn't bad, the food is just okay, the performance is light and entertaining, and it simply offers a new dining experience. If you're a movie buff, you'll definitely enjoy the place. I spent a good amount of time checking out the movie posters, autographed photos of hollywood stars (not sure of the authenticity though), and movie memorabilia. I particularly like the display of the different head/mask of species, aliens and predator movies. 

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of MetroDeal
Autobots are here!

Will I go back? I might, but more of to watch the other performances rather than for the food. As mentioned, the food tastes like normal bar chows. Fried and buttery. And I'm not a fan of buffets anyway so I'll probably skip it and just choose from the menu. But for the effort, friendly service, happy, childlike ambiance and movie theme, this place can be worth your while. Bring your kids, their eyes will surely widen seeing Spiderman or Ironman in person. :)

For more information, program schedule and more, visit their website at

I suggest you make reservations as they can be packed especially during weekends. Don't forget to bring your camera and a childlike heart, too. :) 

Oh, Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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