OOTD: Dressing right for the Manila Trans Sport Show

It was a mix of work and play visiting the 2013 Manila Trans Sport Show at SMX last weekend. Working in the motoring industry for so long, I've already learned that the trick to survive the motoring event chaos is to dress right and pack light. You also need to do your homework and do a background check before visiting the event. Check the venue and layout, traffic situation leading to the location and the overall ambiance of the show. A few weeks ago, I failed to prepare for the worst when I visited the Bumper2Bumper car show at SM MOA Grounds --- overcrowded, there's barely any space to walk around and the insufficient lighting almost caused me to burn my right leg with one of the highly modified car's hot pipe! 

Thankfully, visiting the Manila Trans Sport Show is much more comfortable because it's inside SMX. Fully-airconditioned, the car displays are arranged stylishly with generous pavement to walk on. Nonetheless, I still dressed smart, skipped the high heels and left the heavy stuff in the car. The best decisions that day.

OOTD: Top from Old Navy, Denim shorts from Bayo, Gold Belt from YRYS, Bag from Parisian and Flip-Flops is a pasalubong (hello, Joycee!) from Old Navy also

Have you visited the Manila Trans Sport Show? Enjoyed it as I have a soft spot for vintage and classics. The Porsche line-up from the 1960s to the present transported me to different eras that I only see in movies. But my favorite remains to be the Ferrari. Let's just say it's closer to home! #shellvpowernitro+ 

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