Rainy Day Commuter Must Haves

It's been raining most of the long weekend and Labuyo is no ordinary typhoon given its wind speed. Rainy season in my part of the world (sunny Philippines) usually starts in June, but we're not spared from climate change that we get sunny mornings but really wet afternoons and nights lately. Then comes floods, heavy traffic, long lines in the terminal and all sorts of commuter nightmares. Don't fret; instead, be smart and be ready with these rainy day commuter must haves.

1. Umbrella 

This is the number 1, no brainer rule. Every morning, my mom tirelessly asks me if I have my umbrella with me. It should be a bag staple because you need it, rainy or not, period. I know people in High School who thinks bringing umbrella is so not cool. Wait 'til they're soaking wet, and let's decide who looks cool now. Tip: Don't scrimp. Buy a good quality one that will last the summer heat and windy/rainy days. 

2. Jackets/Hoodies

We should dress appropriately any day, but most especially on rainy days. Be ready with freezing AC in the office, or the shuttle air con blasting on your face with some extra fabric. There are lots of stylish and office-appropriate cardigans and dressy jackets, or you can play with layering and colorful scarves, too. If you're feeling extra playful, check out these cute Happy Hoodies, though make sure you wear it during dress downs and no-client-interface days. :D

Photo from Happy Hoodies Philippines

3. Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant 

Don't compromise your health and safety during rainy season. It's the time of the year when virus and other disease are easily transmitted. Aside from your daily dose of vitamins (I take 500-1000mg Vitamin C everyday), be sure to have a hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant in your purse all the time. Commuters are especially exposed to germs and viruses in public transportation like shuttles, trains and buses so it's always best to spray some disinfectant every time you handle money (fare), hand rails, MRT posts, etc. Of course, wash your hands with soap and water AS SOON as you get the chance. 

I prefer using alcohol that has moisturizers to prevent skin dryness and peeling. The new Rhea alcohol has moisturizers and smells like baby cologne! :)

4. Jelly Flats 

Don't you hate it when rain ruins your favorite shoes? I've been a victim of this several times, and I don't want to waste any more of my babies shoes, so I bought some pretty Jelly Flats from SM Department Store. It's soft and comfy and most of all, super affordable at only Php 300.00. This is a lot better, prettier (and safer) than changing to rubber slippers when commuting.

5. Rain Boots 

It's signal number 2 and you still need to work. It s*cks, I know. But make your day a bit better and warmer with some funky rain boots. It's always good to know that you're protected in case you have no choice but wade on filthy water.

6. Overnight Kit 

Last but not the least, be ready with an overnight kit. There are days when it's wiser and safer to stay overnight in the office or a friend's place than braving the traffic, flood and heavy rains going home. I work in Makati and live in the "province" of Las Pinas, so I keep a kit with all my essentials to at least survive a night away from home. 

The content of your kit depends on you, but bare minimum are travel sized toiletries, disposable undies, extra shirt/dress and phone charger to let your family know that you're safe. Save important numbers and emergency lines on your phone book, too.

I hope you picked up a thing or two. Stay safe and dry, everyone!

From the Nook,