Beauty Bare Minimum + The Beauty Drive

. I'm feeling better lately. Seeing volunteerism and bayanihan spirit of people from all walks of life, in every corner of the country, makes me so proud that I'm a Filipino. The Oplan Hatid in particular, just proves the power of civilian, and how coming together can make a great impact, bigger than any storm surge or politicking. There's still much left to do but we will get there. Manny also gave us a much-needed boost. It's not to say let's just focus on his win and all things sunshine-y, but c'mon, we needed some jolt! :)

Now, speaking along the lines of positivity, it's high time I post about beauty again. I rarely do full makeup these days, but I can't steer away from vanity altogether. I need to be at least presentable all the time. That means I have my BB cream, powder foundation, lipbalm + lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil and cheek blush all the time. But when push comes to shove, and you ask me to bring only three items in my purse, then it's most likely be the following:

1. Oil absorbing film. I can't remember going out without this miracle since the day I discovered them in early college. No fuss, and solves my shine problems when powder room break is not possible. It's fair to say that this has saved my face and helped me shine numerous times. No pun intended. My favorite brand is Gatsby, choose the black film over paper. 

2. Tinted lipbalm. Dryness and peeling is the name of the game, and my lips know that too well. What started as an affinity with Chapstick, grew into a flirtatious love affair with organic lipbalms (Ilog Maria, V&M), colorful lipgloss and HG liptints. Baby Lips by Maybelline is not bad at all, I think all my teenage nieces will get one this Christmas.

3. Cheek blush. I have a thousand boo boos with cheek blush when I was still a makeup noob. From using the wrong shade, applying too much and highlighting all the wrong places. But a perfect blush makes you look womanly, shapes and sculpts your face and makes your skin look radiantly healthy with a few swirl and swipe. What else can you ask for? My current love is LA Colors' Mineral Blush in Tenderling. If you're unsure if you're putting blush on correctly, here's a good guide from Barbi Chan of BDJ.

Again, these are bare minimum, if you have room for two more beauty products (you should!), then eyebrow pencil and face powder should be first to dive in your bag. Even skin tone and nicely filled brows will make the perfect canvass for the rest of your makeup.

And oh, please support the Beauty Drive by Larissa Joson of Women's Health PH and Nicole Romero (hello, Nicole!) of Beauty and Sparkle. You still have until tomorrow to donate beauty products to uplift the teachers who are still holding classes in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda.

They are looking for the following:
  • Makeup (particularly lipstick, blush, powder)
  • Skincare (facial washes, moisturizers)
  • Haircare (shampoo, combs, clips, headbands)
  • Toiletries (soap, lotion, body washes)

If you've got new or barely used and sanitized makeup and other beauty products to give, you may contact:

Larissa Joson ( or
Nicole Romero ( 

They have dropoff points at Eastwood in Libis, The Fort in Taguig City, Bicutan in ParaƱaque City, Pioneer in Mandaluyong City, and Ayala Alabang in Muntinlupa City.

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! I miss doing beauty posts, so expect to hear a little more in the following days. 

Much Love,