NeuroEAT: Project Pie

Filipinos love food. With the various trends that spread like wildfire, there's no denying that Juan has become more adventurous with what he puts in his mouth. Gone are the days when Filipinos settle for the simple and ordinary. We welcome foreign and fusion cuisines with open arms, not only for the pleasure of our palates but for new, overall experience.

Such is the case of Project Pie. I started to notice this on social media during a pitch proposal that we anchored on the eating and social media habits of Filipinos nowadays. I'll save you the geeky stuff, but simply put, food trends that caught the interest of the nation instantly becomes popular kids in social media. With the advent of #foodstagram and #foodgasm, it's not surprising how much people love expressing food pleasures online. 

Going back to Project Pie, what makes it so special? To be honest, more than the pizza, what they sell is the new experience. As the name suggests, you're given freehand to build your own pizza, no holds barred. For Php 298.00 for a personal thin crust pizza, you can ask for any combination, put as much meat, cheese, spices and veggies as you want. You don't need to get your hands dirty either, you just have to line up and ask the super giddy staff what you want and watch your pizza come to life. Drinks are unlimited, soda, juice and iced tea all for Php 65.00.

The place can be packed even on weekdays, so get ready to fall in line.

Olive oil, canadian bacon, prosciutto, black olives, artichoke, onion garlic and mozzarella+ricotta cheese

Did the Project Pie bug get me? Just a little. I think the idea/concept is great, their place (I visited Alabang branch) is neat and cozy, the staff are enthusiastic and very cheerful, and the choices are plenty. The dough can be a little thicker IMO, and perhaps the white pizza (red is made with tomato-based sauce, white with only olive oil) can have olive oil and a bit of creamy white sauce instead? The experience is enjoyable, though I have to admit that finding the right combination is a bit tricky and might take you several visits to perfect. Personally, I still prefer the pre-set, signature pizza from other pizza places, but thank goodness Project Pie also offers seven, pre-set combos for the newbies, those in a hurry, or simply not into building their own. 

BTW, we also ordered the nutella and peanut butter pie (Php 195.00), but I find the dough rubbery and too heavy for dessert. No good for me. 
Price is a bit premium for a solo pizza, but the overall experience compensate for this. If you have kids, in love with DIYs and simply want a new pizza experience, go ahead and visit Project Pie.
  • Blk. 28, Commerce Avenue, Alabang (beside Jollibee) 
  • 515 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong  
  • Follow their FB page for more info

Good luck and build the best pizza ever! :)

Much Love,