NeuroEVENTS: PIXI Pilippines Launch

Diamond Makeup is a girl's bestfriend. When used correctly, makeup enhances our best features and conceals flaws. But on the other end, girls also share a common fear of ruining their skin as makeup are known to clog the pores that may lead to acne problems and dull skin.  Most commercial skin care and makeup products, ironically, contain harmful ingredients like parabens. Parabens are associated to premature skin aging and worse, breast cancer, infertility and even mental retardation for unborn children. That's a mouthful!

That is why it's such a relief to observe that some makeup companies are now going after the safer choice and stopped using parabens in their beauty products. Others were formulated paraben-free from the beginning. Hooray!

Such is PIXI, one of the newest makeup and beauty line that hit the Philippines late last year. Pixi was founded in London 12 years ago by Swedish born Petra Strand, an accomplished makeup artist, and is now being exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Glamourbox.

The formal launch was held at Simply Thai in Greenbelt, and featured Pixi ambassador and makeup artist Au Mauricio, demonstrating how quick and easy it is to use Pixi makeup to create a natural, "just had a good night's sleep" look. 

Au Mauricio is a renowned makeup artist in the US, and is instrumental in bringing PIXI in the Philippines.
Model Theresa Jose wearing Pixi's  "no makeup but fresh and glowing" look

Let them girls play :)

I'm yet to road test Pixi makeup, but I'm looking forward to its promise to provide natural, glowing look with a few, multitasking makeup products that we can achieve in under 10 minutes. That will definitely make a lot of girls' lives easier in the morning! :) 

Lots of nudes, neutrals and pinks. Hooray for office-friendly palette!

Interested to give Pixi a try? They have lots of unique and award-winning pieces (I'm intrigued with the flesh-toned eye bright liner) to check out. Visit their Facebook Page, Glamourbox website or visit your nearest Snoe outlet. Watch out for my Pixi reviews soon. 

Shout out and congratulations to the lovely girls of Glamourbox, Kira and Lia. So happy to see both of you again! :)

Much Love,