OOTD: Ninang Duties

At 28, I have nearly two dozens of godchildren. It's either an explicit sign of aging or a proof that my friends and relatives see me as a responsible second parent. As always, I'd rather go with the better perspective. Okay, I give that impression that I'm always in control and like to see things done the proper way. People think I'm strict, but they shouldn't trust me too much with their kids! I'll give them lots of sweets and chocolates and messy toys (like Play-Doh!) and books of adventures that will probably send them running around the house with mud on their shoes. Heck, kids should have fun! ;)

To my friends and relatives, be warned! I take ninang duties seriously. 

Top from Gap 
Maxi skirt from Maldita 
Shades from Payless
Bag (gift) 
Meet my cutesiepatootsie nephew, Liam. :)

Have a lovely Thursday, folks!

Much Love,


  1. He's my niece and my BF's inaanak, hence, my inaanak also! :P


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