Product Review: Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm

I got acquainted with Pixi makeup almost a month ago after a good friend invited me to attend their official launch. It's such a dainty and warm event, but missing the blogging scene for quite some time inevitably gave way to my occasional introvert self. After a few hellos and meeting some lovely ladies (Hi, Ae, Krissy, Kira and Lia!), I found myself dabbling with a handful of Pixi makeup testers in the play corner. Standing out from the neutrals are pretty tubes of lip colors which turned out to be tinted lip balms, in different shades of pinks, reds and plums. For a girl whose chapped lips respect no season, this is potentially, I dare say, an HG product. 

I road tested the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Rosy Red for almost a month, and here are my thoughts:

  • Packaging and design is smart and makes it easy to reach the corners of the mouth. You can shape your lips sans lip liners. How convenient. :)
  • Color pay off is really good. In fact, Rosy Red can be too much to the faint-hearted. I'm not shy about my reds, but if you are, you may want to limit usage with just one or few swipes. Or, try other colors from this line. They have pinks and corals, which I'm yet to check out.
  • Smells like candy bubble gum. Yum! 
  • Economical. I've been using it for almost a month and I haven't even turned the dial. This will stay fresh for 12 months, so for its price (Php 790), you get value for your money.
  • Moisturizing and suitable for people with dry, chapped lips. Did it solve mine? Improved, yes. Solved, not entirely. I haven't found a single product that can address this problem 100%. So the search continues.
  • Comes with gloss, it's a lip balm after all. If you're into matte, then this is not for you. 

Did I like it? Yes! But with a bit of trick. I have full lips and so I do away with anything glossy {lest I want to look like I ingested a ton of collagen ;)}, and so every after application, I lightly blot my lips with soft tissue to lessen the shine. Voila! :)

One swipe and a few blot gives me the perfect, natural look I want.

It's the last last day of the love month, can you believe it? I hope your February was a blast. Mine was! :)

Shout out to my Sweetie for these pretties! I loved them! And thank you for treating me like your Ms. Universe, Valentine's or not. ;-)

Happy Weekend, loves! 

Much Love,