#YOLO: 7107 International Music Fest

As a girl in her late twenties wearing several hats, I learned to become discriminating on how I spend my precious weekends. After personal errands, I make it a point to rest and make up for the lack of sleep. Hence, I favor less physical, more laid back activities like getting massages, people watching at coffee shops or getting a bottle or two in one of the gazillion hole in the wall restaurants in the south a.k.a BF. (South people, represent!) 

I wasn't always this uptight, you wouldn't believe my energy when I was in my teens and early twenties, and I think I can still unleash that adrenaline junkie anytime, though it would take a lot more than just dance floor and booze to lure me to get up, dress up and drive. I need more motivation. Like travel, the sea, or maybe seeing 90s rock stars! 

It's as if the heavens had enough of my lola-ness and so sent a couple of 7107 International Music Fest tickets my way (Thank you, C!). I've seen some of the local bands in the lineup, and Clark Pampanga is a bit far, but my 90s heart cannot help but say yes to Red Hot Chilli Peppers! So I frantically called my friends whom I know share the same love for music and the Peppers, and the rest, as they say, is rock history. 

It was more than hour of ripping performance that skyrocketed me back to the 90s. They opened their lineup with "Can't Stop" that elicited a crowd roar, but it's my personal favorites “Californication,”  “Soul to Squeeze,” “Otherside” and “Under the Bridge” which drove the audience, yours truly included, crazy. I was jumping and dancing and singing despite my flu and very sore throat, and clapped to the voice and musical antics of Anthony Kiedis, Flea and Chad like there's no tomorrow. The Peppers may have aged, and I hope Anthony drops the pornstache soon, but I dare say they sound much much better live. I wonder how they sustained an hour and a half of singing and playing the instruments like it's nobody's business. Flea and Chad were monsters on bass and drums. Awesome!

I'm obviously still nursing a hangover, so please excuse the flooding of photos and some tips for a successful international music fest trip. :) 

BE READY. It's a festival, in an open field. Expect to get dirty, muddy and sweaty. Put on comfortable clothes, pack some anti-bugs and sunscreen and strut some cute sunnies and hat for protection. A sling bag is also ideal to keep your valuables close to you.  
Chucks saved our day, and toes, too.
THERE'S NOTHING BEER CAN'T FIX. I was feeling a bit uptight in the company of kids. Yes, kids. So beer was really helpful to loosen things up before RHCP fired up the stage. And you wouldn't believe how helpful that mini flashlight was, especially in the forsaken portalets.

ROAD TRIP READY. Get a reliable driver (thanks, Sweetie!), an alert co-pilot and a well-tuned car (thanks, BFF for Harvey) to ensure a smooth, hassle free trip.
BE WITH THE BEST PEOPLE. It's an epic feeling that you would want to experience with people you love the most. And it's more fun if they are into music and rock bands, too!
And in case they are not, at least they still know how to have some good fun!

LIVE THE MOMENT. Most of my photos and videos of RHCP's performance were pretty useless. I was jumping and dancing and I lived the moment, so blurry photos didn't bother me at all.

And just to remind the girls how I remember Anthony from my teenage years. Whew.

Do you like going to music festivals? Not an expert here, but 7107 changed my heart. Kudos and may there be more international fests to come to Philippines soon. Happy weekend!

Much Love,


  1. One of my favorite concerts to date <3 Thank you for the experience, BFF! Love you!

  2. @Tara: Yay, happy you said yes, too! I share the feeling. Muah!


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