The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow

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I haven't written anything on this blog (nor anything else other than work) for the past two months. The longest hiatus I've had that I contemplated on closing this blog for good. But when I think about it, everything else in my life also took a backseat. Ever since that dreaded stroke hit my dad, nothing was ever the same. Our daily routine, my social calendar, work schedule, priorities, finances - everything. It pushed and stretched my human limits, physical and emotional, that I'm surprised to still see each morning. 

But the sun will shine tomorrow. And while it's dark and cloudy, I'll hold on to my faith that anything is possible if we believe and trust enough. The Lord's mercy and grace is limitless. So I'll do what I'm called to do, give everything I have (we don't possess anything in this world to begin with) and just do all things for love. 

For what it's worth, at least I now have an idea (and reason) for my first tattoo. 

Much Love,

*Stroke and other vascular diseases is one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines and in the world. Know more about this disease and learn how to prevent and treat it. Read more at