Smart Buys: Palmolive Naturals Body Wash

I'm frugal. I'm proud to be one. For Filipinos, being frugal or "kuripot" has a stigma of being greedy or selfish. In truth, being frugal or thrifty means using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. So if you are smart and know better than wasting your hard-earned moolah by buying things you really don't need nor suit you, then cheers, and welcome to the frugal community! 

Part of this prudence is my quest to find products and services that are of high quality, perfect for my needs and are reasonably priced. Nope, I don't mindlessly go for the cheapest option available. Instead, I buy with due diligence whether it's for big ticket purchases like gadgets, house loan, etc., or as simple as the skincare products I use. I'm only willing to pay a premium if I get value for my money and get the results I wanted. It is not unusual for me to spend two hours in the grocery reading, inspecting, researching (thank you Google) the customer value propositions of different products in the market. I can spend the next 15 minutes weighing the pros and cons of different brands of let's say, cotton pads. I kid you not.

So when my best friend and kikay consultant, Tara, introduced me to the newest line of body wash from Palmolive Naturals, this nerd knew what exactly to do. I inspected the two variants (Milk & Honey and Milk & Olive), their ingredients, their CVP and yes, even the SRP. Both are very moisturizing and feels soft on the skin, thanks to their milk protein content. But my favorite is the Milk  & Olive variant because it smells like a more sophisticated, grown-up lady version of my usual milk bath. :) Plus, it saved me from the skin drought after too much sun soaking in Bohol for three days (posting a photo diary on this adventure soon!). Best of all, it's very creamy and lathers really well which means a bottle will give you a lot of yummy, refreshing showers. It is definitely a good buy at only Php 80.00/200 ml. bottle. Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself!

Any good finds or frugal tips and thrills you want to share with me? Email me at or Let's make kikay shopping much smarter. :)

Much Love,