The Secret of Tips 'N Toes Nail Salon

Filipinos have become more and more particular when it comes to nail care. Hence, nail salons appeared everywhere, offering women (and even men) with a hundred ways to pamper their nails, hands and feet. With the many options on hand, it's easy to get confused where to go to get the best nail care that fits your need and budget. So what should we look for in a nail salon? My personal standards remained simple and the same through the years.  

Hygiene, Practicality and Professionalism.

Hygiene is top priority. If the salon does not clean and sanitize their tools and towels, I'll head straight the door. Cutting, buffing and polishing our nails can result to some small nicks and cuts that can go unnoticed. This is the perfect entry point for nasty infections especially if the manicure and pedicure tools are not sterilized in between clients. So make sure that your salon is strict in their sterilization procedures.

I'm a practical girl. While it's true that manicures and pedicures can go as low as under Php100, they simply don't last and worse, can even chip the next day. So I stick to pricier salons that use quality polishes that can last at least two weeks. At the end of the day, I save myself from ugly nails (which is a no no in my line of work), frustration and I get more value for my money. 

Lastly, going to a nail salon is one of the few "me time" of most girls. Relaxing ambiance and professional service seal the deal for me. I don't like televisions, loud chatters and most especially, inattentive and nosy staff. For me, the level and quality of service of any nail salon depends heavily on their people. Training and proper decorum should always be observed. Nail technicians who are attentive to the client's needs, courteous and friendly are the best assets of any business. 

Such is the case of Tips 'N Toes Nail Salon. They've been in the business for more the 20 years and even pioneered the sculptured nails (nail extension service) in the country. They were also first to use the term "nail technicians", in efforts to professionalize their services and veer away from the usual "manicurista." I was lucky to get invited by a good friend to try the services of Tips 'N Toes and meet the owners alongside. Jennifer Tipton-Angeles is the powerhouse behind Manila's foremost nail salon. After a long and very fun chat over manicures and later on, seafood katsu; I learned from her that their foot spa actually started from her idea of doing "facials" for the feet. It was a brilliant proposition (20 years ago!) that people started flocking to Tips 'N Toes to get their tired hands and feet pampered and the industry soon followed suit. Aside from that, Jennifer also made sure that their nail technicians are trained professionally using international standards, with trainers that they hired straight from abroad. They also use premium products and equipments similar to what's used in Hollywood.

The rest as they say, is history. While new salons with different gimmicks surfaced, Tips 'N Toes remained true to their core value of offering only the best products and the highest level of professional service. Jennifer and her sister Margaret also keep their eyes open for new technologies and trainings whenever they travel abroad. These, and a pool of seasoned and loyal technicians, most of them have been with them for more than 10 years, are the secret "weapons" of Tips 'N Toes. 

I visited their Glorietta 5 branch and tried their signature spa manicure and pedicure. I'll let the photos tell more about my experience. 

White, teal and silver dominated the interior. Not too girly and very classy. It's no surprise that they also have a strong male clientele.
The most comfy nail salon chair I've tried. It's actually a massage chair equipped with built in foot tub with neon lights. Very nice!
Rows and rows of imported polishes. As always, it was a hard decision to choose just one.
Best of all, the nail technicians are all well-trained, attentive and courteous. The kind lady who did my nails has been with Tips 'N Toes for 16 years! Just wow. It's no surprise especially that the owners treat them like family, which actually warms my heart. :)
They use special scrubs, warm honey and grapeseed oil which made my hands instantly softer and fairer.
Perfect Nails Day
Say hi to the beautiful bride-to-be, Gem of Rare Vanity. Trivia: This sweet and fun lady is a Harry Potter geek! :)
With the owners, Jennifer (in black) and Margaret (in beige), and other invited guests in a "Familia Zaragoza" photo. :D
I'm obviously a happy customer. It's been almost two weeks and my nails are still okay especially my toes.

Try Tips 'N Toes the next time you need some pampering. They offer mani-pedi, waxing, eyelash extensions and even massages. The most basic manicure and pedicure starts at Ph190 and Php220. For a complete list of their services and prices, visit their Facebook Page or visit their website at

Thank you to Elaine, Jennifer and Margaret for having me. I hope to visit you again soon! :) 

Much Love,

*Products and services were offered to the author for review purposes.


  1. Love the nails :) See you later!

  2. I already miss the massage chairs! LOL Really love the service at Tips 'N Toes! :)


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