An Ode to Bali


I haven't been traveling as much as I should the past months. Life happened in 2015. A whole lot. A quick, 3-day getaway to Bali may not sound much, but it's all I needed to align my stars, lift my spirit and indulge in the wonderfully odd feeling of going somewhere unfamiliar, doing something new, smelling the air and everything in between.

Bali, I raise my glass to you, with  warm, sweaty skin and sandy hands!

For the opportunity to see more of this amazing world, indulge in its culture and nuances
For meeting new people, hearing differing thoughts, getting inspired by innocent displays of bravery and free spirits
For helping me understand myself more, convinced that I can be alone and not lonely - but that I'd rather be with someone: a friend, a lover, a random stranger, an island dog 
For making new friends, lending a helping hand, receiving one in return, learning a thing or two however, whichever way possible
For letting me rebel in my independence, my freedom and complete control
For willingly letting go of that control
For celebrating friendships, of both days and decades
For learning how to follow lead and for the unfamiliar feeling of warmth and protection
For failing,understanding and waking up still bright-eyed and wanting
For realising that I needed something more, someone more, than my seemingly efficient, sometimes oblivious self 
For painlessly pulling my guards down, and for finally accepting that there's nothing wrong in receiving