INGGRATA no more!

I feel positive today, so elated that I can't wipe the smile off my face =) I attended the noon mass in St. Jerome Alabang, and just stood there with nothing but gratitude in me. I did say sorry to Him, for being such a brat without content. I remember how down I was last week, that I contemplated on leaving my job and go bum. Aha! Now that I think about it, I felt so stupid, and inggrata! (ungrateful)

Each of us has the divine right to feel negative and needy at times, yes, even with lack of valid reasons. But sometimes, all we need is to stop whining, stay quiet, look around, and appreciate the simplest of things. How sweet your officemates smile at you, how rich your morning coffee is, how religious your boyfie checks on you (if you have one), how your dog loves you unconditionally, or even just by seeing how green the grass is! If we are saddened with no concrete reasons, then we can be brightened by just about anything.

"You get affected by someone, or something, the moment you allow it"

As for me, a small, almost trivial business achievement, rockets me to the sky today. And with that, I prohibit myself from being inggrata and sad again, at least for now. =)