A Better Way to Support My Cause: Coral Watch 2009

Anilao, Batangas

I love nature tripping in general, but I'm more of a "water person", yes, not only beach, because I equally love falls, hotsprings, rivers, lakes, pools, even batis! I just like how water feels on my skin, how different life underwater is. Unexplainable feeling. Happiness. [can't wait to reef walk in Bora!]

Makes me think maybe I was a fish before this life, a noisy, restless & vain one. Hah!

FYI, colors indicate the health of the corals

Striking a pose before going to work (darn, I gained a lot!)

Just Beautiful.

in action (forgive the haggardness =p)

I hope to join the divers next year!


  1. The pictures look beautiful!

  2. Thanks, dearie! Anilao beaches are really nice. =D


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